Goodnight Sweetheart
Goodnight Sweetheart
NR | 18 November 1993 (USA)
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    Simply A Masterpiece

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    i must have seen a different film!!

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    best movie i've ever seen.

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    The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.

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    This is a great 90's comedy. It's cute and clever. Not everyone will appreciate or understand the humor from 90's UK but I remember watching the show at the time and it's still very funny. Similar to Pie In The Sky or Hamish McBeth.

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    Joe Mills

    I don't think there's anything about this show I don't like, the comedy is top notch, the actors are perfect for their roles and the mix of Sci-Fi is just right, not too heavy handed. For comedy lovers it's a must see, for sci-fi fans it's a must see, for people with a heartbeat it's a must see. Lyndhurst and McGuire are perfect, you'd really believe they're best friends, the chemistry between all the actors is amazing. Hats off to the casting crew and direction. Actually the only flaw I can think of about this show is that it ended. After all, what show could make you nostalgic for a time period you weren't even alive in? I'd give it a 20 rating if I could.

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    The creators of this programme set themselves a difficult challenge. This was to make a comedy out of a very dark subject, the Second World War, and a social taboo, bigamy. Yet they succeeded and gave the world this hilarious sit-com.I just loved the peripheral characters, especially Ron, who got all the best lines.Yvonne was wonderful as Gary's first wife. She was amusing and very sarcastic; she always had a very apt answer for Gary. Yet she was also very vulnerable. The character of Phoebe tried by patience a little. She was intelligent and strong enough to run a public house in a rough area of London during a war and yet she needed the support of Reg and deferred to Gary's opinion on almost every issue.

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    Great series worth watching, although for me I preferred the earlier episodes when Dervla Kirwin played Phoebe. The actress who played her in the later episodes was much harder - Phoebe was a tough little cockney girl, but there was still an appealing softness about her which was lacking after the changeover, whereas both actresses who played Yvonne were great. Nick Lyndhurst as Gary was brilliant, and loved his sidekick, Ron. The only thing I really felt towards the end was that the plot had grown somewhat exaggerated... probably hence my preference for the earlier series which were more convincing. But I have all of them on DVD and thoroughly enjoying revisting the series after originally seeing it on TV.

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