TV-PG | 27 October 1995 (USA)

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    Very well executed

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    The Age of Commercialism

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    Sadly Over-hyped

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    All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.

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    I have to wonder whether it would have been possible to make a really outstanding children's horror series, especially 20 years ago when this was fresh. The producers probably lacked the resources to find talented actors, writers, etc. Those things are very much lacking here. The acting is subpar, the writing is usually cringeworthy, the premises are often too childish even to entertain children...and yet, there was the occasional episode that could be kind of charming if you could allow yourself to forget the obvious shortcomings. None of the episodes succeeded in being genuinely unnerving, but some of them had scenes that felt sort of inspired. I would say that the only ones worth watching are the ones that came close to being eerie. Off the top of my head, I remember the following episodes as being halfway decent: The Ghost Next Door, Night of the Living Dummy III, Werewolf Skin, and Stay Out of the Basement.Other notes of possible interest: 1) The casts are usually Canadian, and it's fun to hear them pronounce the word "house". I never would have known Canadians pronounce the "ow" sound differently in certain regions had it not been for this show. 2) Slappy the dummy is surprisingly entertaining. If they were trying to make him a goofy character, they failed; he's closer to creepy than goofy imo, and that's for the best. 4) Special effects are laughably bad (especially the bats), but that's to be expected with the probable low budget. 5) Some episodes were clearly meant to be humorous, and these are complete failures. The best episodes at least attempt to be scary. 6) This show is very much of its time, with giant phones, dated clothing, retro computers, and 90s slang. 7) They managed to get most of the better books, though I would have liked an adaptation of Camp Cold Lake. The show only made significant departures from the books a few times.Would I recommend it? No, frankly. I've only given it this lengthy a review because it was so cool when I was a kid. Not too cool anymore. But there is the rare connoisseur of low production values who might like it. The books are a waste of time for anyone above the age of 12. That doesn't ring quite as true for this show. If only they'd had more resources, who knows how this might have turned out. I've never seen a horror anthology show that's genuinely creepy, so some of the shortcomings here can be blamed on the difficulty of working in this genre.

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    I started watching this show when I was 6 years old, and it really intrigued and scared me. I remember taping episodes to watch, later after school.Looking back on it now, I can see flaws in the stories and don't really find it as mystifying as I used to. Although, I will always get nostalgic when watching it and that will always make me recommend this show to kids, and even people my age (17-18) for a good, light watch.My favorite episodes will always be the Night Of The Living Dummy ones, for a good reason. They still give me the creeps to this day!Overall, enjoyable watchable series that still entertains me. Highly recommended.

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    When I was little in the years 1994 through 1998, I watched this show every single Friday afternoon and Saturday morning on the Fox Kids Network.Slappy the living dummy was always and always will be my favorite character. I cannot even begin to find words to say how much I loved him, but here goes. I loved everything about Slappy ... his adorable character design, his adorable voice and one liners, and the way he and all the other ghouls were brought to life.While Slappy the living dummy is by far the most Lovable thing about this show, the other ghouls rock too !!! They are terrifying yet G-rated enough to entertain little kids without giving them nightmares.The Special Effects of this show -- the lighting, the makeup, the mechanical creatures -- were beyond realistic and very high-budget for a kid's show.If you are looking for a great show that's cool for kids and enjoyable for adults to watch as well, check out GOOSEBUMPS on DVD.R.L.Stine is one of the best horror writers to ever walk this planet!!! Slappy is and always will be one of my childhood heroes !!! I'm now a college student of 23, but whenever I'm watching Slappy and Goosebumps , I can travel back in time ... back to four of the most memorable years of my childhood !!!

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    I used to watch this show a few years ago on FoxFamily (now ABCfamily) along with Eerie Indiana. Goosebumps wasn't intensely scary, just mysterious and suspenseful - it sure kept MY attention. Anyway, I guess you can only catch it on DVDs these days, as I do not believe it airs anywhere on television. All of the episodes are unique and, for the most part, have intriguing plots and endings. So, in general, if you're looking for scarily satisfying shows to watch as a family, then Goosebumps is perfect. There are also movies that came out that are based on the old Goosebumps books we all loved to read. Good luck, and I hope you have as much fun watching the shows as I did!

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