TV-MA | 01 October 2006 (USA)
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    Strong and Moving!

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    Just perfect...

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    A brilliant film that helped define a genre

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    The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.

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    This is what Fresh off Boat or any casts Asian American should do in Florida that they need more drama less than sitcom. The Original and TVD has more dark mystery like the show . Mentalist and NCIS is just boring but Jethro Gibb serious badass than Patrick Jane. I, honestly believe there are many Immigrants and American have more diversity with show and chararcter. Klaus Mikaelson, Jax(SOA), Damon Salvatore and Dexter, have same quality of their dark family past including the psychopath murderer, but they yet soft side of their human and members who understand them than other people.

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    Virág Dominik Brendon

    Micheal c Hall is phenomenal actor and his character is very difficult and good.

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    I put this on the same shelf with the other ones celebrating the human demise (iZombie, Santa Clarita diet etc). Those making the most sickening side of human behavior, appear as a social service. The five is by courtesy to the good script.

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    Meet Pandya

    I'm in love with this series from the very first episode. If you're into binge watching, then you've to see this one. Performance and storyline make this show brilliant.

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