Family Affair
Family Affair
TV-G | 12 September 1966 (USA)
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    everything you have heard about this movie is true.

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    The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.

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    The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.

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    I never liked this show, and I never liked Mr. French. What kind of a name is that anyway, or perhaps it's his nickname? The only thing I really remember liking about this show were those big double doors with those huge door knobs! I didn't like Buffy, Jody or "Sissy." Jody was much more of a sissy than Sissy was! I know if they had a mud fight teaming Buffy against Cindy Brady that Buffy would be on the mats crying out for mercy. Even Kitty Carry All could whip Mrs. Beasley's butt any day of the week. Did Uncle Bill ever do anything besides walk around the apartment in a gray flannel suit? And after all these years I'm still trying to figure out who had the affair?!

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    Brian Washington

    This show had to be one of the most sickeningly sweet shows to ever come on television. The plot was simple, a confirmed bachelor and his butler suddenly have their lives turned upside down when the bachelor's nephew and two nieces move in with him. The bachelor immediately turns into a huge teddy bear and lots of love is thrown around. When I was younger I used to look this show on a regular basis, but as I grew older the plot was so unbelievable and so syrupy that I couldn't stand it. At least when they did the remake, they tried to make the kids at least a little bit more believable.

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    I remember watching this in the mid-1960s; today I don't know why I bothered. A syrupy sweet family show that grates on my nerves now, I personally think that Sebastian Cabot's character of Mr. Giles French was the only truly great thing about it.People who think that everything about TV nowadays is indeed a "vast wasteland" compared to the "good old days" of television should sit down and watch this tripe. Proof positive that worthless television was available even then to the undiscerning.

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    Brian Keith proved to be so good working with little kids: he is warm and paternal, tough but never rigid, always bemused by their antics and reassuring everyone with his calming smile when their spirits were down. When Buffy makes friends with some kids from the bad section of town, Uncle Bill buys her hand-me-downs to wear so she'll fit in (and even tags along and makes friends with a parent, Jackie Coogan). Sebastian Cabot made the perfect valet; he too is charmed by these kids and pretends to be surly even though the idea of having a real family suits him and somehow appeals to him. Kathy Garver is a gregarious big sister and Johnny Whitaker a loyal, dependable brother who rarely got mischievous (he's very grounded and sometimes gravely serious). As for Anissa Jones as Buffy, she didn't seem to be just reading lines that an adult wrote for her, she really WAS Buffy. When her doll gets lost, or when she loses her spot in the Scout Troop, or when the Mod Maidens hurt her feelings (in the terrific episode "The Joiners"), Jones works the most tender of childhood emotions in a way that is neither flashy nor incredible. She was a very subtle little actress with a beaming smile that could appear out of nowhere.

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