Evil Lives Here
Evil Lives Here
TV-14 | 17 January 2016 (USA)
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    Memorable, crazy movie

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    it is finally so absorbing because it plays like a lyrical road odyssey that’s also a detective story.

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    This movie was so-so. It had it's moments, but wasn't the greatest.

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    This is a must-see and one of the best documentaries - and films - of this year.

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    What would you do if the person you loved most turned out to be a devil in disguise.... Most of us will never have to answer that question. The people in this series do. A harrowing insight into the people who have committed some of the most heinous unthinkable crimes as told by their immediate loved ones. Many of whom have never spoken before. A raw emotional series that look at the life leading up to these tragic events and how it affects everyone invoked. Very highly recommended.

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    I've watched every show available on Investigation Discovery and "Evil Lives Here" is hands-down the best show! Every episode keeps you interested until the very end! Each story/episode is narrated by the actual people who were involved. Also, it doesn't include too many reenactments, which I like. I am (impatiently) waiting for Season 3! :)

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    I admit that I am morbidly fascinated by the darker side of humanity and this show definitely skews more in that direction, but I wasn't expecting the heart-rending emotions that it showcased as well. This is truly a sad show (in a good way) that often brings me close to tears while viewing it. It is definitely worth watching.

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