TV-G | 26 April 1991 (USA)
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    Excellent, Without a doubt!!

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    At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.

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    This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.

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    Brendon Jones

    It’s fine. It's literally the definition of a fine movie. You’ve seen it before, you know every beat and outcome before the characters even do. Only question is how much escapism you’re looking for.

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    Xander Seavy (RiffRaffMcKinley)

    The first two seasons of The Henson Company's "Dinosaurs" are positively ingenious. But when season three came around, for some reason, the show lost its magic.Now, I bet you're wondering why this review appears so negative when I have this rated as a 10 out of 10. And normally, you'd be right-- this show could be no better than a 5 or a 6. However, I don't want to vote based solely on the quality of the individual episodes. I go by effort, potential, and just how good the show itself is, because every show has some episodes that aren't that good. So just know this. "Dinosaurs" was the jewel in the Henson Co. crown. It was the pinnacle of their technical achievements, with creatures that could do so much more than they ever could before. Add that together with a family of genuine dino-characters (despite what people say about Baby, he's the best!) and a series of plot lines that practically bleeds modern social commentary, and what you have is the most clever sitcom ever to hit the tube. It's just a shame that the latter episodes-- particularly the finale!-- got so out of touch with what the show was supposed to be about: a family of dinosaurs that represent our own foibles. However, one of the best episodes in the series is "Georgie Must Die!," one of the unaired bonus episodes from Season 4.

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    this was one of the greatest show on TV in the 90's along with Beavis and butt-head bring it back to TV and release all of it on DVD This show was great the good thing is, is that the show has adult humor but has a look for kids to enjoy as well as the adult also the show a dysfunctional type of family but are living as dinosaurs rather than using people. basically earl is a working man who is also the father of 3 including a daughter that is into fashion in a way and Robby who's a 14 year old teen age kid who's into the punk rock scene in a way the show is just great there's no other way to put it, it was one my favorites on TV! bring it back please!!

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    I am very very happy that I grew up in the '90s or else I probably would have never heard of this show. It made me giggle like a little girl when I was a little girl and now that I'm older I still giggle like a little girl at this show.I have some of the old tapes from when they came out on VHS, oh so many years. I stumbled across them when me and my friend were bored and looking for something entertaining to watch. I remember loving the show from when I was little but once I put that tape in I began loving the show as a teenager.It's hilarious. The line I remember and love the most is "my family loves him so much, my wife calls him honey and my kids call him daddy". I can't remember the episode or the guy that said, all I can remember is the quote and it being about the boss man.If you haven't seen this show then you should definitely find a way to see it all.

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    Jackson Booth-Millard

    I wish I could remember all of this great puppet show from Jim Henson and the makers of The Muppets and Sesame Street, but this was for Disney. All I do remember is the great theme tune, some of the babies fantastic naughtiness, and the fact that it is almost the same format as The Flintstones. It is basically the funny dysfunctional dinosaur family living in the modern world, with humans as pets and wild animals. The family consists of overweight father and husband, Earl Sinclair (Stuart Pankin/Bill Barretta), trying and failing supporting mother and wife Fran (Jessica Walter/Mitchel Evans/Tony Price/Allan Trautman), the kids, 14-year-old daughter Charlene (Bruce Lanoil/Sally Struthers/Arlene Lorre), 16-year-old son Robbie (Jason Willinger/Leif Tilden), the cranky Grandma, Ethel (Brian Henson, Jim's son/Florence Stanley), and probably the best character, the troublesome Baby (Kevin Clash). It won the Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction for a Series, and it was nominated for Outstanding Editing for a Series - Single Camera Production. Very good, as far as I can remember!

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