Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
TV-Y7 | 12 November 1999 (USA)
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    One of my all time favorites.

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    Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.

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    Arianna Moses

    Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.

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    There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.

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    Martin Wong

    So this cartoon is about a dog called Courage "saving" his 2 owners (forgot their names) in every episode. At first I thought this was just a "good" cartoon, shouldn't be rated 9 (coz I rated 9) bt then there are a few remarks about this film which makes it so extraordinary... In courage the cowardly dog, Courage is just a normal dog, he sees everything in a dog's eyes, in which the villains are just normal people, but to a little dog, they seem scary. And they don't actually live in nowhere, it's just that his owners are too old to bring him for a walk, he only knows everything around his immediate property, and everything beyond it is nothing because he's never seen it.This show is by far one of the shows that has such great significance behind it, and because the whole plot is written in a dog's eyes, everything looks so hideous and immense.

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    Marcus Geebs

    This is my favorite childhood cartoon,its about a purple dog named courage who must regularly defend his owners from monsters,criminals,ghost,curses etc.this cartoon has a spooky atmosphere thats what i really liked about it his owners names are Muriel and Eustace bagge.Muriel is a plump elderly Scottish lady very kindhearted and slightly stupid.Eustace is a grumpy,anti social,selfish,uncaring elderly man who really hates courage always calling him a stupid dog although courage saves him,but in a lot of episodes something bad always happens to Eustace at the end. the characters in this show get stranger each episode. i wouldn't recommend this cartoon for kids under 11 years old. i wish this cartoon didn't end so early.

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    I guess I have an excuse to watch cartoons like "Courage", as I have least that's what I tell myself. Years ago, I used to watch this show with my girls but recently my youngest said she wanted to see the DVDs of Season One (the only one now available for Region 1), so we sat down to watch them together.My first reaction was to laugh--after all, Eustace (Courage's owner) was hilariously mean. I am sure some parents would be turned off by him since he is cruel, greedy and just plain nasty--but I liked this about the show. I also loved the crazy animation and ridiculously bizarre characters. However, after watching all the episodes, I also noticed that the show was essentially the same each and every time (with very, very few exceptions). Courage readily recognizes some supernatural danger and his idiot owners are oblivious. After a few shows, I just began to get a bit bored--and don't really mind that there is only one season available. On the other hand, my 16 year-old adored walking down memory lane and sure would like to see more--and she thinks kids will look past this sameness.

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    Courage the Cowardly Dog is a classic cartoon. The animation is great, it is very funny, and it has a very strong atmosphere. The story is about a dog named Courage who has to save his owners from supernatural events pretty much everyday. Just from the premise it sounds cool, but there is so much more. This really is one of Cartoon Networks finest shows. One the best things about it is its use of music. It adds so much atmosphere to the already very atmospheric moment. Just watch one episode. You'll understand that the music is really good stuff. The jokes are very funny. You have no soul if you don't smile even once watching an episode. The show is also well animated. Courage the Cowardly Dog is a great show.

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