| 01 January 1998 (USA)
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    To me, this movie is perfection.

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    Pretty Good

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    Excellent, Without a doubt!!

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    It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,

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    This show is banned in my house. I only watched a few episodes and found jaw dropping racism in most of those episodes. In one episode where Caillou is safety helper in his class, the only kids who break the rules are black. In another episode the one in which Caillou is fire fighter, black kids have the discipline problem in the class. In Caillou detective episode, why does the black girl decides to be monkey for the entire episode while the white kids do not stay in character after the story time is over. In another episode, where Caillou makes poster for the store and gets picture taken with his classmates who helped him in poster making, why white kids get to sit and the black kids are standing for the picture.

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    Savahana williams

    I have started noticing that my little brother was starting to refuse to do things that I had asked him to. Then my friends and teammates brought it to my eyes that He was talking different and he was throwing more fits and tantrums. I then realized that Caillou does all the same things my little brother is doing. I personally suggest that if your child watches Caillou and isn't being themselves it is probably the issue. I hope that everyone realizes that this show has a negative impact and not a positive one. I hope that this problem will be fixed because a lot of kids love the show. I personally believe that this show should not be aired until the problem is fixed. My little brother used to count with his fingers and now he is not. This show could effect the way your child learns.

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    This show seems deliberately designed to teach kids that they should be greedy, disrespectful, whiny, entitled little sh!ts and they will get whatever they want from gullible, drugged- out, uncaring hippie parents who won't ever discipline them. I say this is deliberate because we all know that liberals hate discipline and order, and want to believe everyone is a special snowflake who is entitled to anything they want from life just because they graced the universe with their existence. Sorry, but this little girly- voiced puke needs a spanking.I mean, the writers and producers must know that the target audience is going to imitate every cartoon character they see right? And what they see is this whining, screaming, disrespectful, privileged, mean little puke crying and demanding and throwing things and calling people names until his useless, apparently doped out parents give him what he wants.My child was just born, but I'll be darned if she will ever watch this show. Oddly enough my wife, who often acts like a spoiled five year old and is liberal as the day is long, likes this show. Go figure.

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    Melissa S

    I was 16 when Caillou came out but I have three younger sisters. I watched it with them when it first came out. This show is not as bad as people are making it out to be. Yes, Caillou can be whinny or misbehave sometimes BUT he is corrected when he is. It isn't just brushed off. He is told what not to do, what is nice, what is mean, how not to be afraid in the dark or upset when he falls down, and how to be helpful and share. I have a three year old watching it and it has yet to make her a brat. This show is not bad. There are a lot of shows that are currently on kid's channels. Also, Caillou doesn't have cancer. He was just drawn without hair.

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