TV-Y7 | 31 October 1992 (USA)
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    Too much of everything

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    Great Film overall

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    If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.

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    Jonah Abbott

    There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

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    I have not seen every single episode of this show but I watched four episodes last year.The first one was where Peter and Jubliee go to Russia to stop cable. The second one was where Cyclops leaves the team to his childhood foster home to discover the purple man is using Mutant Children as weapons, the third one is where Jubliee is looking after some school kids during a cave visit and the last one was where Rouge goes to a countryside to recruit a mutant young man.Overall this show was excellent and it had a good theme song.

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    X-men one of the many shows I remember watching as a kid on TV and on VHS.Marvel comics has been known for their many characters and X-men is one of them.The X-men team contain Cyclops (voiced by Norm Spencer) Wolverine (voiced by Cathal J Dodd) Rogue (Voiced by Lenore Zann) Storm (Voiced by Iona Morris then later by Alison Sealy-Smith) Beast (Voiced by George Buza) Gambit (Voiced by Chris Potter) Jubilee (voiced by Alyson Court), Jean Grey (Voiced by Catherine Disher) Professor X (Voiced by Cedric Smith)They fight for Human mutant peace while their enemy The Brotherhood lead by Magneto (voiced by David Hemblen) fight to ruin their plans.What makes the show a classic is the strong character developments the producers and writers took the time to stay true to the characters of X-men which is a plus for any fan and for those who enjoy comic books.The animation for each episode really dark and a lot attention to detail. The show's animation style fits the story line of the series which is important for any animation show.The voice acting is pretty good and you can feel the emotions of each character. They made some wise choices with the actors they pick to voiced the characters.The writers for the show were very wise for the show and the writing is very intelligent for kids and adults. X-men The Animated Series is one of the best cartoons ever made and one of the few that gives justice to the comic book it's based on.If you're a fan of X-Men you will enjoy this classic series for it's strong characters, animation style to tell the story and smart writing

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    I was 12 years old when i have seen for a first time x men to my home. I love this series from the first time. I saw characters with different powers and abilities. I have seen for a first time super heroes to not be popular to their universe but instead of this people afraid them, people to not want these super heroes to their world because they do not like any different man or woman to exist near of them. What can i say about "Beyond good and evil" episodes or "Dark Phoenix Saga". I like for the first time Wolverine. I do not know why but for different reasons Wolverine is still my favorite character. Then because he was lonely and one of the most powerful mutants. Now because he is the darkest of the x men, because he has a great past, and because i still like his powers: "adamantium" (which is indestructible) and healing factor.

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    Growing up in the 1990's I loved this show and watched it with great enthusiasm on Saturday mornings; it had everything a great children's show lacks today...Action, great dialogue, brilliant story lines and more importantly the most accurate interpretation of the comics.Some sort cuts were taken during the running of this show by the writers but only the things that weren't necessary or...confused people...Like Lady Deathstrike being Wolveirne ex-lover and her dad being the 'professor' who infused Wolverines bones with adamantium.I fell in love with Wolverine and the gang right here...And still today consider X-Men the greatest superheroes in Marvel...This show explored all the characters and their own worlds, making the audience empathise with them, cheer them on. The show also had a 'sex' factor..hidden as it was...But c'mon...some of the characters were hot...Lady Deathstrike was....Hot...The show also had one of the most memorable and amazing theme songs ever composed....The song just made you jump up with adrenaline...If only they used it on the movies.All in all one of the best X-Men interpretations ever established..Probably better then the movies..

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