Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
TV-Y7 | 15 August 1992 (USA)
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    To me, this movie is perfection.

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    So much average

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    Good concept, poorly executed.

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    A film with more than the usual spoiler issues. Talking about it in any detail feels akin to handing you a gift-wrapped present and saying, "I hope you like it -- It's a thriller about a diabolical secret experiment."

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    I still love this series dearly, it's such a retro 90's dream to me. Like most fans I first ever saw it when I was a kid at school, and being a big fan of horror movies and stories and stuff like that I was immediately hooked and it made a big impression on me and really captured my young imagination. It was so cool and fun seeing a group of kids around a campfire in the dark sharing scary stories. My favourite group was from the first season, there's something especially special about those earliest episodes to me. There isn't any throughout the series that quite manage to shake that 'safe' feeling that children's programming provides, but there's certainly a brilliant variety to them. There's occasionally some real imagination behind the goofy veneer, and some of the directors were able to be very creative with what they were given and managed to make their episodes stand out. They go from genuinely creepy tales like "Dark Music", "Laughing in the Dark" and "The Dollmaker", to more poignant and moving yarns like "Apartment 214" "Shiny Red Bicycle" and "Dream Girl". There were also the odd seriously whacked-out episodes like "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner." But man, when they were bad they weren't kidding, and there's a fair amount of lame episodes where the cheesiness positively oozes from every frame and the acting is so gloriously bad that it's liable to leave you feeling a bit light-headed! We were all children when we loved it the most, but there's still loads of fun to be had from the show to this day. Maybe to some not in the most flattering light, but I think it holds up just fine, it's the greatest children's anthology show there ever was. I try to take it as seriously as possible even if the episode sure isn't making it easy. I don't enjoy it purely as a goof, like I'm not only deriving enjoyment by laughing at it, I don't believe I'd be a true fan if that were the case. I feel a tremendous loyalty towards this show, watching the eerie intro sequence and hearing the theme tune always gives me a warm nostalgic feeling inside that makes me smile. It will always be classic and great to me. From the bottom of my heart I thank every one of the different directors, producers and all of the creative minds that gave life to Are You Afraid of the Dark, you people gave many childhoods an extra touch of spooky magic!

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    Hello everyone who grew up in the 90s by far one of the greatest decades ever. During the 90s there were a lot of great shows on TV. Well one of the best shows that were on during the 90s was Are You Afraid of the Dark, which ran from 1991-1995. It was a show about a group of kids that called themselves the Midnight Sociaty, they would sit around the camp fire telling scary stories. The show was part of my childhood & I will always remember it, I wish it was still on in reruns. I was just at this Horror Convention in Orlando, FL where I found this show on DVD. It is a pretty hard show to find on DVD I think you can also get it online but I am not sure. When I started watching it, I remembered it right off the bat. I was bring memories from my childhood it was the first time I have seen its since it got canceled in 1995. The show was brought back again in 1999 & ran for two more seasons, but it wasn't as good as the first run. Well for all you guys who grew up in the 1990s hope you never forget about this really great show.

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    I loved this show, every night after school i used to watch it with my little brother, it scared the life out of me but it was brilliant! My favourite episode was the one where they had to cut down this tree, as everyone who entered became part of a game, which was to kill the others. it was really scary and put me off going into any woods! I cant remember what the episode was called as i was only small, but i remember the boy in the tree was "Larry Tudgeman" in Lizzie McGuire and i was soo chuffed when i saw him in it, it brought flooding back all those memories! I loved the candle at the beginning where it is blown out and all of the writing goes blue. Oh and at the end of each story, they threw the bucket of water over the fire to put it out! I haven't seen if for at least 10 years. Oh how i wish Nickeldeon would bring it back!

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    During the 90's, the cable television station Nickelodeon hosted a 2-hour Saturday evening program block of half-hour shows known as "Snick" (Saturday Night Nickelodeon). Airing from 8 PM to 10 PM, Snick featured shows geared to a (slightly) older audience in the preteen demographic by airing programs featuring more mature themes then the daytime programs. From season to season most shows risked being moved/canceled in their 8 to 9:30 slots, but the 9:30 slot stayed the same for a record of 5 seasons (from 1991 to 1996). That show was known as "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" AYAOTD was a program featuring a cast of preteens who called themselves "The Midnight Society", a group of friends who gathered weekly in a forest campfire setting to tell spooky tales of ghosts, goblins, and anything within the supernatural and paranormal realms. A simple introduction into each weekly story began as "submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story..." following a title for the episode ("The Tale of the Dead Man's Float", "The Tale of Apartment 214", etc). Seasons to season, members of the society were changed, replaced, but the stories never got stale.What made AYAOTD revolutionary for its generation was within its story structure: the show avoided criticism that normal sitcoms and shows face because it avoided cliché formatting. The show never lost its spirit because each week featured new characters and scenarios, keeping the show fresh and appealing. It was an "X-Files" or, even closer, "Tales from the Crypt", for a younger audience.But the show can still be appreciated at an older age: AYAOTD did truly deliver for its genre. To assume the show couldn't deliver scares because it targeted such a young age group is false because the show certainly did. Its demographic allowed more focus on creating natural suspense and fear rather than artificially supplying it in the forms of over-excessive gore, violence, and language. Because the show avoided those clichés, it used strong mood lighting, clever camera-work and omniscient music in order to heighten the tension and fear. AYAOTD's writers were sharp enough to create scary tales that tapped into primal fears and childhood nightmares. The stories covered every type of unnatural force possible but somehow spun them into its own creative style. In its first season alone, AYAOTD covered topics such as clowns, ghosts, possession, vampires, creatures lurking in basements, and things hiding in the dark. It also knew its strengths and weaknesses: it was good at making the things that needed to scary scary, but strong dialogue was an apparent flaw. The acting was at best B-material, but in itself it shows the appeal of AYAOTD: the show was a light horror pop confection that took itself just serious enough to make your pulse race and your breath to shorten.10 out of 10 is a grade that shouldn't be given out like candy, and I abide by that opinion. In essence, AYAOTD deserves a 10/10 because it accomplishes the primary requirement: to entertain. AYAOTD accomplishes this effortlessly, even in its later seasons, because it applied a format that allowed for fresh new ideas every week, never tiring the storyline or the viewer. AYAOTD told its last tale in 1996 when it was sadly canceled. But its popularity and fan-base was so strong that the show was remade with an all-new cast in the 99-00 season. Sadly, while it sounded like a good idea to bring back such a favored show, it just wasn't the same without the original Midnight Society and was quickly canceled after its first season. AYAOTD is not a television show to scares your pants off if you're above the age of 10, but even if you are older, you can't help but feel your spine tingle at the thought of what may be lurking within each episode. And if that isn't entertainment, I don't know what is.

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