X-Men: Evolution
X-Men: Evolution
TV-Y7 | 04 November 2000 (USA)
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    The Worst Film Ever

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    Best movie ever!

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    A Masterpiece!

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    Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

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    I can't believe people are in love with this show and are giving it such high scores. The shows is just Marvel's excuse to make shows child-friendly by de-aging the characters to teens. This is unacceptable. When we usually think of X-men, what comes to our mind? Take over the world. Apartheid and Holocaust to mutants by putting them under registration. Futures ruled by the immortal supervillain Apocalypse and robots called Sentinels. Well, in this show, we barely see any. X-men are reduced to teens and are now attending high school. What's the use of them going to Xavier's if they get to go to a public high school. The characters are entirely changed. Wolverine, who is the best X-men character, hardly gets a screen time. Nightcrawler is no longer the Catholic, serious-minded mutant who wants to explore surroundings, but now a teenage prankster. Jean Grey, who is supposed to be an outcast is the popular girl in school. Gambit and Colossus are villains and the villains are terrible. Magneto, who is supposed to be violent, using his magnetic powers to kill is now a manipulator. If that is so, he should not be a ferrokinetic, but a telepath. The Brotherhood are now juvenile delinquents instead of terrorists. Toad, who is supposed to be genius and assisting Magneto is now a weak and brainless prankster. Avalanche is no longer destructive and totally out of character. He behaves more like Rictor. Senator Kelly is no longer the Senator who wants mutants under registration, but now a school principal. The Sentinels are underdeveloped and only get a few episodes. Way to go, X-men Evolution. Because of that people have more similar mutilated shows such as Iron Man Armored Adventures.

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    X-Men as kids...a good idea I'd say. I'm really quite fond of the show, it comes every weekday and, though I'm a teenager, I usually watch it. To be fairly truthful, I do like shows about people with superpowers. Which is one reason I like the snow. I hear there are people complaining of the characters not being involved in enough of the original story arcs, maybe the reason I like it is because I don't know of any of these story lines (save maybe the whole Dark Phoenix thing) but I really don't think an adaptation of a comic book should be down put by some die-hard fans who can't stand the idea of every single detail from the original comic not being in every adaptation.

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    I had the opportunity to watch the first four episodes of this series when they first aired. Seeing all the producers and directors that were from "Batman: The Animated Series" being involved with this show and the superior production quality courtesy of Mook Animation ("Aeon Flux", "Spawn") and DR Movies ("Justice League") that was far superior than the cheesy Akom animation of the early nineties X-Men cartoon provided me with high expectations for this show.Unfortunately, those episodes were long on the melodramatics and suffered from a poverty of the necessary action. I had to suffer through Scott Summers moaning and whining about his powers, Kitty and Rogue being freaked out by their manifesting powers and their subsequent confrontations with the X-men. But the episode that really made me groan was the one where the Blob is discovered, develops a possessive crush on Jean Grey and I guess turns evil when she rejects him.What was this, Did "Dawson's Creek" and "X-Men" decide to hook up and have a baby? I wasn't even that much of an X-men fan anyways, never having watched the old nineties cartoon due to number of characters and story lines I had to keep track of. Also, back when "Evolution" premiered, I had "Batman Beyond", "Static Shock" and "Men in Black" to keep me entertained, I didn't need this crap. *Click* Fast forward three years. "Batman Beyond" and MiB were both cancelled and Static Shock was in a prolonged hiatus, so I was left with practically nothing to watch, so I decided to see a repeat of X-Men: Evolution on Cartoon Network and it happened to be the season two episode "On Angel's Wing." That episode was well crafted to include the ambiguities of being a hero, religious allusions and a kick-butt battle between Rogue and Magneto at the end with a dazzling flight through the New York skylines and landmarks, in a way that reminded me of "Gargoyles". It got me hooked to see the rest of season two which brought about the great reveal of the existence of mutants to the outside world during the finale. Now these kids not only have to live their lives with their powers but now everyone will know them as freaks? Now it's getting interesting.The series finale that featured the X-Men defeating Apocalypse was the coup de grace of the series which made me wish they made more episodes. I can honestly say that they managed to pull off the impossible during that event. With the half-hearted fare that the TV and cable stations are trying to feed us ("Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island!", "Loonatics Unleased") I miss that series more and more.**** out of **** stars.

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    All of the X-men are ruined in this debacle of a show firstly by having them LIVE AT A SCHOOL THAT THEY DON'T GO TO! Secondly Wolverine and Storm are more of side characters in lame story lines like Spyke (who is a HUGE oreo) being framed for robbing lockers. They don't even face discrimination in this show like in the old one.Nor do they actually fight the bad guys until maybe the second season. Their biggest problem was Mystique being their principal! Oh right like Mystique would get that close to the X-men on a daily basis and not kill them. More importantly Why didn't Prof. X expose her? Even more yet why is this show so Lame assed? 2 out of 10 (nice costumes though)

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