Urban Legends
Urban Legends
| 18 June 2007 (USA)
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    Very disappointed :(

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    Aiden Melton

    The storyline feels a little thin and moth-eaten in parts but this sequel is plenty of fun.

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    Kaydan Christian

    A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.

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    Scotty Burke

    It is interesting even when nothing much happens, which is for most of its 3-hour running time. Read full review

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    This is a terrible show. They were actually going to make a show out of a celebrity. Actually one of the best entertainers in the world. Celebrities are human beings!NOT URBAN MYTHS! The fact that they would even do this is just not okay and very disrespectful to that celebrity and his family. That is not okay. Doing an episode on a celebrity is not only stupid,idiotic,mean,cruel,inhumanely,and just flat out terrible but it is just simply not okay at all. This is very disrespectful! This is a terrible show. They were actually going to make a show out of a celebrity. Actually one of the best entertainers in the world. Celebrities are human beings!NOT URBAN MYTHS!

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    I love this show but now have to question all facts in it due to misinformation in this particular episode. Being that I live near one of the sites of one of their half truths since I recall the incident well and the news on the actual events.... the last tale in this trinity rang true up until the end and an adjustment in gang info it was a Latino gang initiation not always practiced and some of the Crips and Bloods do it too; I believe out of boredom. True it is an anonymous victim but it is to prove loyalty to your new family usually beginning with a gang beating, getting high and drinking then either shooting a rival target or random light flasher; aside from this it is also now against the law in Los Angeles County to flash your headlights if caught could results in a fine or jail time. The other difference was the victim was a Caucasian family of 4 that were killed and it was out on an desolate road that is normally very dark in a residential neighborhood near a freeway off ramp in a bad part of downtown L.A. so some urban legends may have sprung from the truth we also had freeway snipers prior to that also not an urban legend...how do I know? cause urban legends don't show the bloody mess on the news as it happens....

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    This only takes some of the enjoyment out of this Canadian import currently airing on the SyFy channel. They are still interestingly told, especially since you've heard about them before and wondered for yourself if they're true or not. Each episode has three main stories told in some detail, at least one of which is fake, along with a couple of filler stories ("mini-myths") told in broad strokes.Ironically, the silly filler stories told with bobble-head Photoshop animation are harder to guess correctly. They sound ridiculous to a fault, but they are as likely to be true as not. It's amazing how often truth is stranger than fiction. The show offers swifter gratification on the outcome of the mini-myths, revealing the truth after the commercial break, while waiting until the episode's end for the reveal on the three main myths.The three main event stories, however, are much, much easier to guess. The giveaway is the actors. The Canadian actors in the interview sections just cannot hide their pronunciation of "about." It sounds like "aboat." Every time I hear that distinctive pronunciation from a supposed interviewee, I am sure the story is fake, and lo and behold, it is.This is still a good show to have on in the background while you're doing other things. It's a good conversation starter.

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    This show presents you with three stories, two of which are urban legends, and one of which is supposedly true. Right before the show ends, the "true" story is revealed to you. Being an avid fan of all things 'urban legend', I decided to give this show a try. The episode I saw presented two urban legends (the kidney thief and the flashing car lights gang initiation) and one supposedly "true" story of a man who got shot in the chest, had the bullet lodged next to his spine, and then miraculously "coughed up" the bullet by way of divine intervention. This supposedly "true" story really piqued my interest, as it would be ostensibly impossible for that to have happened, seeing that the location of the bullet was nowhere near his airway or digestive system. After doing 2 minutes of internet research, I found out that the gentleman in question was actually shot in the mouth. Makes coughing up a bullet seem a little less "miraculous", right? What angers me the most is when writers insult the viewers' intelligence in such a patronizing manner. Don't get me wrong: I love fiction just as much as the next guy... just don't go claiming it to be "true", and then expect people to believe it was a bona-fide miracle. That's what TV evangelists are for!

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