TV-PG | 23 January 2003 (USA)
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    Wonderful Movie

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    Very best movie i ever watch

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    Mehdi Hoffman

    There's a more than satisfactory amount of boom-boom in the movie's trim running time.

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    Kaelan Mccaffrey

    Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.

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    As with any show or movie…I sit in front of a screen to be entertained. I do not depend on Hollyweird for moral direction; factual telling of a 'true?' story; repackaging of a book or even getting accurate news anymore (BBC is the best choice now-a-days). I solely watch these productions for entertainment. And when it comes to unchallenged entertainment, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are king. For years these two have been putting on a very good show. "Mythbusters" is the mother-of-all reality-based TV. A true ground-breaker in its genre and, I feel, is probably the best-of-the-best. (I know people are already disagreeing, and not only expect that – I can also accept it). Peter Rees has brilliantly manufactured a show that questions countless assumptions; by placing them under the scrutiny of Adam and Jamie whose mission is to validate each myth. Do I question their methodologies? Let's see, since I do not close my name with PHD, so I do not. I sit, splashing in my puddle of drool and spittle, uncontrollably nodding my head in amazement and capitulation. OK, so it doesn't take much to entertain me – so what. Anyways…I will miss the three additions; Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Crant Imahara. These three added so much to the show, but I also understand people do have to move on. Good luck to them and good luck to an awesome show.

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    Great entertainment for science lovers. Adam and Jamie make science fun. They interact with the audience by using volunteers for experiments and have a question and answer segment. It was great to see that they are exactly as they act on their show... a little nutty. It was great to see this show in a smaller venue so you could enjoy the entire show and not miss a thing. We've been fans of the show since its debut and I jumped at the chance to see them live. Hopefully they'll do another touring show and bring Grant, Tori, and Kari, too. Adam's personality sells the show. Jamie is a solid set piece. For fans of the show, it's a marvelous opportunity to see the Myth Busters in person. The really do behave just like the show portrays them! Adam is energetic, quirky, and never stands still. Remarkably, he seemed much more intelligent than he does on TV. Jamie is quiet and reserved. But it was fun to watch him even in the midst of the craziness carefully checking support ropes, verifying air pressure settings, and quietly calling crew members back to stage to make little safety adjustments while Adam blathered on. If you're not a fan of the show, you probably will not be among the people clapping and cheering when they bring a busted water heater out to center stage. But who am I kidding? You already love the show because you're reading this review. You will cheer for the water heater. They do a lot of good lip service for science. But they don't do much science. They parade out Newton's Second Law and, as they do so often in the TV show, interpret it incorrectly. There are a lot of good gags. And it does re-create some of the flavor of the TV show. But it left me wondering about the price of our tickets. I'm really glad I didn't buy the more expensive seats. I might have been angry.Keep it up guys!

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    I M Buggy

    When I first started watching this show a few years ago, I thought that it was pretty interesting. Most of the tests seemed to show some empirical, scientific thought.Unfortunately, in the past few years the trend has drifted far toward the "woo-hoo we blew it up" subjective experience while showing greatly flawed design or well-thought design in their "tests." I really can't put much weight in their conclusions or results, or invest my trust in their findings, any longer.It would be nice to see more focus on scientific and empirical (repeatable result) experiments, but unfortunately I expect that the expense and serious thought versus the current ratings-grabbing thrills would be financially counter-productive for the current production's aspirations.Basically, I no longer can consider this show to be serious experimentation or valid evidence of whatever conclusions are reached. I also note that the show has increasingly shown inconclusive or flawed-design results in its attempts.

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    What a great show. One of the very few which have managed to make science and education fun.Jamie and Adam are hilarious, and the myths (and the lengths they'll go to), are very entertaining. Watching someone blow up a cement truck with 400 pounds of C4, and trying to make diamonds with 5000 pounds of C4, how can you go wrong?! But, of course, the whole show isn't about blowing stuff up (although there wouldn't be anything wrong with that), it's about busting or confirming myths, and the results are usually very surprising.Overall, I give this show a 10 out of 10. It couldn't get much better.

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