The Real Ghostbusters
The Real Ghostbusters
TV-Y7 | 13 September 1986 (USA)
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    Simply A Masterpiece

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    Lidia Draper

    Great example of an old-fashioned, pure-at-heart escapist event movie that doesn't pretend to be anything that it's not and has boat loads of fun being its own ludicrous self.

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    The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

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    Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.

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    This show is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It's another childhood gem of mine, I honestly saw this show before I even knew about the film itself. This show has so much going for it, there have been many movie to TV show adaptations in the past but this show I feel gets it to perfection because of correct execution. Not just did it successfully capture the spirit of the movie but it also expanded upon its mythos broadening the world the Ghostbusters inhabited which help the show stand on it's own; this show was way before the concept of expanded universe was even thought out from the series of "Star Wars" novels, "Power Ranger" comic series, TV show "Ash vs. The Evil Dead" you name it. The music is great and memorable, not just including the original theme song but having plenty of their own tracks which I could listen to on my iPod. From some tracks that are spooky to even some tracks that are fun and catchy, it really fits and reinforces the nature of the show.Animation is great, I really like how they animated the New York backdrop capturing most of the city itself. However, it's really the character animation I like from the Ghostbusters themselves whom don't look like the actors from the original film but that's a good thing, it just means this show isn't trying to imitate its predecessor. Each of them is unique and even like their uniforms are colored which helps in the distinction. Though I feel the best character animation are the ghosts themselves, there is just a huge variety of them as they range from comical to even creepy and scary. Action is solid it's always fun seeing the Ghostbusters use their proton packs. But I also like that we see them use science as well as old fashioned common sense to solve each of the ghost problems which keeps things fresh and shows it takes more than weapons and fancy equipment to solve most problems.The voice cast is excellent, they are all spot on with the characters, this show has a great ensemble. I really love the fact each of them isn't imitating the characters but taking all the aspects we know and love about the characters and having their own interpretation of them; they all play off each other well. And what I love about each of the Ghostbusters was there was always some as aspect of them I could emphasize with which gave them somewhat accessible heroes because they feel like the kind of every day people were friends with or even pass by. Frank Welker my favorite voice actor he's great as Ray Stantz I really like how as usual shows the smarts, but we get to see a little more of his geekdom and childlike sensibility which I can emphasize with as I'm a fan of animation and into comic books. Maurcie La Marche another favorite voice actor of mine as Egon Spangler whom to me is almost like a Vulcan as he is constantly scientific, logical and serious, though I always like some of the back and forth between Jannie and him, there was always this hint of a possible romance between the two. Arsenio Hall as Winston Zeddemore is dryly funny because he's kind of the straight man/down to earth guy of the bunch. I really like how he reacts on certain things it feels like how any of us would and despite not a scientist like the rest he has common sense/street smarts which is very useful and a good balance for their scientific minds and methods.Though my favorite of course and is no surprise to anyone is Peter Venkman played by the late great Lorenzo Music. Lorenzo Music is one of my favorite voice actors ever, and this is my favorite role from him. He really nails the persona of Venkman whom is really layback or lazy/slacker but does his job either because he's willing to do the right thing or just bored. I can't but feel he could be Ash Williams cousin almost because like Ash he can be smart sometimes but a real bonehead, has a magnetism with the ladies despite his flaws, and he can also be borderline selfish and selfless but cares about others all the same and comes though which is an aspect I can emphasize with.I like that the show can be kind of scary sometimes, but these scares are harmless fun like going on a haunted house ride, all the scary displays you go though can't hurt you. However, what excels this show is in it's humor. This show is just hilarious and has some of the best dialog I ever heard, there are just lots of memorable lines and quotes that it would take more than one watch to uncover them all. Another thing the show excels in is writing it is just superb. Each episode was always a welcome surprise, I always wondered what was going to be the next adventure they get into, what kind of ghost/s are they going to face next. There were some good writers on staff like J Michael Stracynski which is cool since he's one of my favorite comic book writers. There are lots of memorable episodes like "No One Comes to Lupus Vile" which displays one of the first crossover fights between monsters, the "Boogeyman" which was cool seeing the Busters deal with a childhood fear that appears real. And there is also "Knock, Knock" and "The Collect Call from Cthulhu" which are both inspired and an ode to H.P. Lovecraft lore."The Real Ghostbusters" are a real deal.Rating: 4 stars

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    I remember watching this cartoon when it came out in the middle 80's. I just bought the 2 disc DVD pack with both the movies. Two episodes of the cartoon series came on the disc for the 2nd movie. I wish there were cartoons like this on Saturday morning still. This was the one cartoon my brothers and I never missed. We were quite sad when ABC canceled it. My favorite character was Egon while my younger twin brothers preferred Peter and Ray, but we all liked Slimer.This was a cartoon that even adults could watch and be amused. I had never seen the movies when this cartoon came out and this cartoon made to want to see the movies. Unfortunately my family had no VCR till the second movie came out. I got what I expected to see in the movie based on what I saw in the cartoons. Unfortionately the after the second movie came out the cartoon became too cartoon. Whoever had done the cartoon before the 2nd movie did it spot on perfect. If are those of you who are fans of the movies, I recommend the seasons before the 2nd movie came out.

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    Why is this show called "The Real Ghostbusters"? Because there was an absolutely horrible knock-off cartoon that someone got away with calling itself "Ghostbusters". However, that one did not have the longevity of this fine cartoon that lasted 140 episodes a feat that even most television shows can not hope to accomplish in this day and age of giving everything the ax. This show was faithful to the movie as each episode played out like a more child friendly version of the film. It is nice to see it last as long as it did as well because quite frankly many of its episodes were more imaginative than the sequel to the movie "Ghostbusters 2" which followed and used many of the same devices of the first movie. Here the world of the supernatural was explored a great deal more than in that movie as we had an episode that featured a town of vampires and werewolves, a banshee that became a rock star, and a much larger role for the green ghost slimer. The voice work was well done as was the artwork, we may never get a "Ghostbusters 3", but if they ever release this series on DVD we will have a ton of shows to make up for it.

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    I really enjoyed this as a child so I certainly hope that they'll keep on trying to push these cartoons on kids instead of what they're watching now. I had hoped that it could have stayed a little longer than 1991 but there's no use in trying to change something like this. Thank goodness for Teletoon's brief but short reintroduction of this classic cartoon otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to see what is perhaps the greatest cartoon ever imagined. :) Kids need to see cartoons of the magnitude otherwise they may be completely lost in all of these newer, and dumber, cartoons that these merchandaising companies are trying to push on kids these days.

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