The Fairly OddParents
The Fairly OddParents
TV-Y7 | 30 March 2001 (USA)
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    Too much of everything

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    Bad Acting and worse Bad Screenplay

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    Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.

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    This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.

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    I find it very awesome. Although the creator left from Nickelodeon, FOP is an amazing TV series. Also, my favorite characters are Timmy Turner, Poof, Sparky and Chloe Carmichael.

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    I used to like this show, but lately, it has become very annoying. It's so noisy and people are talking repeatedly with no pauses. They just say way too much and it's not interesting anymore. Cosmo is getting increasingly repulsive and the fairy dog is very annoying and unnecessary. The show is full of disgusting stereotypes that makes this cartoon shockingly borderline inappropriate, and it's a surprise how come it's not banned. Other than that, there are really funny parts and witty lines.

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    Jack Yates

    I believe that I have just witnessed the most awful mindless piece of tripe ever to disgrace modern era television. Each episode of this show I have seen consists of mindless rushed jokes that were old and way out dated long before the show ever first aired. Not only that but the animation and voice acting is tired and lazy despite containing some decent actors. Beyond this it will bring nothing to anyone, surprises me that this show has earned a 7! It is boring, unfunny, not entertaining and I know I keep saying this but MINDLESS it is dumb and not clever in the slightest! I urge you desperately to keep your selves and your kids away from this god awful mess that sums up kids television of the 200s in a nutshell. Pure utter rubbish! I would have given it a 0 but 1 is the lowest!

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    Timmy is voiced by a girl? Apparently so. The voice can get very,very annoying if you watch a marathon of this show. Or an episode. The storyline circles around a boy named Timmy Turner, with stupid parents, a horribly horrid babysitter called Vickie, two Fairy Oddparents named Cosmo and Wanda, and a baby Oddbrother named Poof (at first I thought Poof was a girl.) The show got dumb after a while, like the 4th season. Sometimes, I wonder about the meaning of this show. If Timmy was locked in a cage with a lion, don't you think he would wish to get out? Well, in similar situations, he does not wish to get out. Mild name calling, like idiot or moron. Some kissing.8-

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