The Colbert Report
The Colbert Report
TV-14 | 17 October 2005 (USA)
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    The Age of Commercialism

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    Memorable, crazy movie

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    Excellent, Without a doubt!!

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    Hayden Kane

    There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes

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    This show was great. I really miss it. Stephen Colbert was awesome on this show, with some wicked smart and funny sketches and interviews. I wish this was still on. I do like him taking over for Letterman he just isn't very funny yet.

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    TJ Prins

    In 2005 Comedy Central had raked in some Emmys through their popular satirical news program: The Daily Show. Comedy Central began looking to expand the franchise, and they decided to give Stephen Colbert (a senior correspondent on the Daily Show) his own late night news program titled "The Colbert Report", and the result is a Knock-Out.I first tuned into the report in late 2008 when a friend of mine was watching it on TV, and I have to say the show really packed a punch.From its charming writers to the sketchy comedic Colbert himself, the show will keep you glued to the TV. The writers creativity mix with Stephens charm and magnetic personality so well I felt as if I was trying a martini for the first time. Whether Colbert is repelling down from a rope onto the set, or filling his seats with Iraq war vets and giving them free beer while Joe Biden is handing out hot dogs, the Colbert Report is definitely one show that will put a smile on your face as you lay down to sleep.One thing I do like about the Colbert Report (as well as the Daily Show) is that it is available online for free at their website. Even current episodes are posted as soon as they air on TV, so you don't even need comedy central to watch it. It is also available on XboX Live as well as iTunes.So whether your looking for a laugh, some serious politics, or just a sexy hot dog man dancing in front of Joe Biden, this show is definitely for you!

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    Zim Gir

    Finally someone has the gravitas to show the world how down the gutter our journalism in America is going.The Colbert Report and the original Daily Show both take you on a fun half hour ride through the mad minds of American politics and Journalism.Along the way leaving clever and funny remarks.I've always liked The Colbert Report more than The Daily Show.Reason well I think that is an easy one.Colbert is a lot more controversial sure Stewart has his moments,but Colbert pulls off that he is a Bush loving Republican while at the same time making fun of Bush and Republicans.Now Republicans aren't the only ones who get nailed.Truthiness is dished out to the Democrats as well.Pretty much anyone who makes Fox News or Stephen's favorite to make fun of Fox and Friends than it is likely you will see it comedically on this show.I suggest you give it a watch the next time its on Comedy Central.You wont be disappointed!

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    The thing that makes this show so great is that it's really a combination of many former Comedy Central Shows. In addition to all of the shows which occupied the 11:30 pm Eastern time spot (including "Daily Show" episodes from the previous night), we must remember shows like "Crossballs" (formidable opponent), "Primetime Glick" (having well-intentioned, poorly informed host), and Mr. Subliminal, (the word of the day.) I liked Glick and Mr. Subliminal, and I liked the premise of Crossballs, although there was something missing from each. I think that the missing element was...truthiness. Wait a second, IMDb! Are you saying that you don't consider "truthiness" to be a word? That's it, IMDb, you're dead to me! Now, let's see, the clipboard is full so I need to take someone off. How about Paul Tsongas? Tsongas, it's your lucky day. If you were still alive, you'd no longer be dead to me.My favorite part is his running gags. For example, "Better Know a district" only has 434 parts because California's 50th "never existed to him." I think it happened when Randy "Duke" Cunningham had to resign in disgrace. He's doing satire, and yet he can keeps his story straight. The personalities that he mocks can't even do that! He's doing a better job at satirizing them than they are at being themselves. Also, does anyone remember the "Bewitched" movie? I myself liked it, I mean how can you not like a movie that stars both members of "The Ambiguously Gay Duo?" Stephen Colbert's character was explaining to Will Ferrell how much "Katmandu" tanked, in an effort to convince him into dropping his movie aspirations for a TV show. Well, "Bewitched" failed to crack $100 Million at the box office, and even won a Golden Raspberry Award. "The Colbert Report," and "The Office" (Can you honestly say that you recognize any of Steve Carell's co-stars? Plus, it's even a remake!!!) are to the "Bewitched" movie what the "Bewitched" TV show inside the movie was to the "Katmandu" movie inside the movie. Speaking of which, can anyone name another movie which had 2 of its actors get their own shows beginning the next fall? "How I met your Mother" and "Numbers" both featured offspring from "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle," but neither actor can quite be considered to have the lead. Anyway, instead of having a no-name actress as his leading co-star, Colbert just had words. And they still upstage him! Now, you might be wondering how Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman did as a team. Remember that Raspberry award? They won it for worst on screen COMBINATION. And that's your word of the day.

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