Spin City
Spin City
TV-14 | 17 September 1996 (USA)
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    This movie is magnificent!

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    So much average

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    Jonah Abbott

    There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

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    By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.

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    Well i have read many comments here describing this is Michael J Fox show or this is Charlie Sheen Show. I would like to say that this was a unique show where every actor played his or her part very well and we have wonderful 6 years of joy and happiness. For me it had three different phases. Phase 1: First three season of Michael J Fox and the team. Every body did play their part very well and a wonderful chemistry between Mike and Nikke made me forget about Ross and Rachel.Phase2: Season 4 with the entry of Heather Locklear and her interaction with Michael J Fox. I was sad as Michael had to leave but he did a great job in holding up and if some characters were not involved in the later season..i have to say i was not at all surprised.Phase 3: Season 5 and Season 6....wonderful performance from Charlie, Heather and the rest of the team..especially the Mayor and Carter as they have much more stronger screen presence and they all did their job very well and provided us two wonderful seasons.So folks...if you watch it and then watch it for what it is..not like Mike is gone..it is not going to be the same...etc etc. For me it was like a fun ride though different stages and once you make your mind you love it for what it is...My vote..10 out 10....have fun with the show!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This fantastic American sitcom is just to put it mildly simply AWESOME. From 1996-2002 it was the best sitcom on TV. better than Frasier, Becker, drew Carey show and certainly much better than the over rated and disgustingly over hyped FRIENDS, thats not to say those shows weren't good (save for friends)but spin city was refreshingly different. Michael j fox in the seasons he played the arrogant but caring deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty were some of the funniest TV performances i have ever seen and he thoroughly deserved his Emmy awards and of course who can forget the supporting cast... just brilliant. Stuart Bendeck (ALAN RUCK)i personally believe should have got a spin off show the man is such a perfect comedic actor his sexist remarks and facial expressions are just priceless, Carter Heywood (MICHAEL BOATMAN) as a gay rights activist and the only person who seems to be totally sensible and is yet just as neurotic and wacko as the rest is superb,The sexy as hell Nikki (CONNIE BRITTON) oh my god the thoughts I've had about her.... anyway another fantastic cast member who was MJFs love interest from the first season till MJF left in 2000 was totally superb and much sexier than any of the female cast in friends put together, and of course how can anyone forget Paul (RICHARD KIND)a lazy, offencive, crazy yet lovable press officer. some of his scenes especially with James (ALEXANDER GRABHAM) were just genius. of course i could talk about the other cast members most notably (JENNIFER ESPOSITO) and of course The mayor (BARRY BOSTWICK). They were characters i will never forget. Of course the introduction of Heather Locklear raised a few eyebrows and i for one was sceptical of the decision to bring her in, i don't know why maybe it was because the show was working really well that it didn't needed to be tampering with, but apparently the powers that be thought otherwise but never the less she proved herself to be an adequate acquisition even though it meant some of the cast that had been so brilliant in support was more or less moved to the background and when MICHAEL.J. FOX left in 2000 because of his Parkinsons disease i don't think it came to much of a surprise that a few cast members Ir, Nikki, James, Stacey etc. Getting Charlie Sheen in as MJFs replacement as the equally arrogant deputy mayor Charlie Crawford was another inspired piece of casting and he was more than a able replacement for MICHAEL J FOX and he was able to Carry Mike Flahertys traits and personalities and manifest them into his own selfish, egotistical way quite superbly. This show was for 7 years the freshest, sexiest and downright funniest show on TV. It was a damn shame that it got took of the air in 2002 and that the TV producers had decided to stick with friends (im sorry but i just think that show is so corny and syrupy and is nowhere near as funny that or people like to think it is)or Frasier etc, etc as entertainment, not that there was anything wrong with Frasier it was just time for them to call it day and thankfully not long after spin city ended it did. I personally feel that SPIN CITY can still be a success now as it was when it finished if some people just had a lot more believe in CHARLIE SHEEN. I personally don't think there was a better person to carry SPIN CITY in what was ultimately its final years than CHARLIE SHEEN so its good hes went on to even more success in the equally hilarious TWO AND A HALF MEN. God bless SPIN CITY. I give this 15 out of ten

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    For three years, this show was awesome. The chemistry between the characters was amazing. It was so believable that all of them had been working closely in an office for years. The jokes never got old. That was all before Hurricane Locklear hit the stage and crippled the show. Then Parkinson's took out Michael J. and Charlie Sheen was brought in which was the death blow of this show. 1996-1999 seasons are the best and the only one's anyone should watch. Connie Britton was so much more hotter than Heather Locklear could dream of being. Britton's legs are more than perfect. Michael Boatman, as Carter Haywood, played his role perfectly and convincingly. I think he played the Gay role with respect and it wasn't always the subject of the show, which as a straight conservative Texan, I appreciated. Richard Kind as Paul Lassiter, what else can be said but the perfect bozo, great actor. Alan Ruck may not be a womanizing prankster in real life, but when he plays Stuart Bondek, how could you see him otherwise? Barry Bostwick showed great acting ability and superb comedic timing that only an actor of his level could pull off. Finally, we have Michael J. Fox, a great actor and comedian. It was a sad day when I learned he had Parkinson's Disease. His character Deputy Mayor Mike was the key man in the whole series. He was needed to make everything come together. Of course, I agree with several of the other comments that Charlie Sheen wasn't all that bad and, was a pretty good replacement for Michael J. But again we come back around to the Locklear factor of terrible. I'm sure that as the years have passed all involved with these shows will be able to look back with complete satisfaction of these few episodes.

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    Jeniffer Esposito was the hottest chick they ever had on the show. She was ten times better than Locklear. Don't get me wrong. I like Heather just as much as the next heterosexual male, but I don't think that comedy is for her. Anyway, enough of that.Michael J. Fox made a great comeback with Spin City and Barry Bostwick really showcased his talent for comedy in this show. I first became familiar with Barry Bostwick in "Weekend at Bernies II." His role in that film was hilarious--he was probably one of very few actors that was funny in that movie. Anyway, I knew him from that and I just knew he would kill on Spin City.Alan Ruck is "DA BOMB" - NUFF SAID Also, I saw Michael Boatman and didn't think he would be that funny. Since I am a die hard Quantum Leap fan, I recognized Boatman from an episode of Quantum Leap. However, the character he played was serious and tragic. Anyway, I'm glad I was wrong because he was pretty funny in it too.Charlie Sheen came along and was funny enough for me. Apparently he wasn't too funny for the ratings. Oh well.......everything must come to an end some time.

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