Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live
TV-14 | 11 October 1975 (USA)
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  • Reviews

    Thanks for the memories!

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    It's no definitive masterpiece but it's damn close.

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    Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

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    Great story, amazing characters, superb action, enthralling cinematography. Yes, this is something I am glad I spent money on.

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    Started watching the new season this past Saturday. They need to rename this show "One Trick Pony." It's just getting old and stale. There is always some humor in politics but this show now just goes way overboard. Some of us actually just turn on the TV to be entertained. Hopefully, at some point, they realize they are either ignoring or insulting half of their potential audience (but I doubt it)...

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    SNL has a 8.1 rating, but I hope this is due to the show's longevity and earlier years, which actually produced some good skits and comedy legends. However, since those long past days, it has become some sort of monstrous institution, reminding me of banks that are "too big to fail". I feel that any reasonable person could see that this show should have gone off years ago. The dumb setup hasn't been that funny for 10 yrs. It wants to be so classy and cool, but to me, that crushes its appeal. Lame musical guests, many of whom are bubblegum performers lip syncing; a nonstop extension media platform of the Democratic Party and extreme PC "progressive" views, marketed as normal and divine; really tired and dry humor, lacking any real originality or down-to-earth appeal; focus on "celebrities" who are idiots; every SNL twit is now worshiped as Hollyweird royalty and gets 50 movies and spin-off shows or deals after joining the "cool kids" clique; The writers suck--at one point, it seemed half the skits just ended with men kissing other men, or trotting out the 500th Donald Trump impersonation(which can be funny, but is very tired at this point); the political bias is so obvious in their treatment of Obama, who was barely mentioned or ridiculed, or a background character, while crucifying Trump in skits that don't even require his presence(I mean, really, we get it. You are liberal NY progressive hipsters who think Southerners, conservatives, and anyone who disagrees with you are stupid, and Trump is Hitler. We got it like the 300th time. Can we do something else that doesn't remind us of all the division and crap from politics at night?); people laughing at themselves during the skits or audience laughs when it isn't even remotely funny, etc. The only good things they had in the last 20 yrs. were Weekend Update(not anymore), the digital shorts(which are still funny), and an occasional great host(like the return of Dave Chappelle to TV).

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    Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg)

    I've been a fan of this show for some time now, but it seems it's getting worse each season - except for Alec Baldwin's skits as Trump. I'm not sure if they've lost some writers, but each skit seems to be dragged out waaayy too long. The humor is getting to the point were it's getting annoying. It's still nice to see all the top celebrity hosts and musical guests, but if it wasn't for them, I don't think I'd be tuning in as much. They need to change it up a little more and add something new and fresh. It's a lowered rating of 6/10 from me

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    So sad, I've been watching the show for over two decades and I can't deal anymore. I often get so frustrated I turn it off mid show. It use to be funny now it just tries to translate offensive behavior into humor. Tonight when they offended Christian spirituality, off it went. A couple weeks ago I watched and they refused to bring on any skits that did not whine and cry about the election results and they are still mentioning it in almost every skit. Get over it already! Other things are happening in the world. No matter who won, does that mean we have to bash the upcoming new president relentlessly. Sour grapes. You are losing a huge population of viewers, enough to apparently determined the election results. When Alec Baldwin came on in the beginning of the 2016 campaign show as Trump, I admit it was hilarious but it gave equal footing to poking fun at both candidates not just bashing one. In addition you really need writing adjustments, the material is dry and humorless. Miss the old shows.

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