Pinky and the Brain
Pinky and the Brain
TV-Y7 | 09 September 1995 (USA)

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    Such a frustrating disappointment

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    Sorry, this movie sucks

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    Admirable film.

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    Kien Navarro

    Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.

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    I loved this show. Great jokes, great animation and great voice acting work by the entire cast. It was such a funny show that kids and their parents could all watch and enjoy together.

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    Pinky and the Brain is a good show . I like it for it's sophisticated charm and humor ,it had that old method of story telling sewed in their plans it encompassed the power of the small and the completely oblivious humans who do not know of the plans . It brought a a funny humor and is a fun show to occasionally sing -along to lyrics such as "Their Pinky and The Brain ,Their Pinky and The Brain ," It also crafted in the possibility of secrets and how humanity's dominance is hanging by a thread . To consider how many secrets the organization and Nations of the world keep for security and safety cold this relate to one . This show and "Histeria!" and "Anaianiacs " were fun for the whole family unlike today's shows which compass on one audience . This show had a hard to explain charm . Which is why I want to see "Pinky and the Brain " ,"Histeria!" and "Anaimaniacs back on air where they belong .

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    I used to watch this show when I was growing up. When I think about it, I remember it very well. If you ask me, it was a good show. Two things I remember very well are the opening sequence and theme song. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. The writing was also very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I haven't seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.

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    This was a great cartoon, following the same tradition of the equally good "Animaniacs", using a clever style of humor that made it enjoyable for kids and adults as well. Like in "Animaniacs" segments about this same two characters, the show follows the frustrated attempts of two mouses to conquer all the world. They are Brain, the genius,and his assistant,Pinky,who is a complete idiot, but adorable at the same time.The voices were quite good, and the script was funny and clever.I miss the time were it was still possible to see good cartoons for the whole family like this. I don't like very much the kid's cartoons from the recent years (Well, some are good but most of them are pretty bad).However, "Pinky and the Brain " remains as a timeless classic.

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