Perfect Strangers
Perfect Strangers
| 25 March 1986 (USA)
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    Expected more

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    Tells a fascinating and unsettling true story, and does so well, without pretending to have all the answers.

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    Mandeep Tyson

    The acting in this movie is really good.

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    I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.

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    I watched every episode of the show when it aired. Never saw it again, never saw it in repeats, never available on DVD. Recently I watched all the episodes again on Hulu and while Bronson Pinchot got the majority of the laughs as well as most of the credit for the success of the show for me, Mark Linn-Baker was brilliant as Larry Appleton. A kind-hearted man who was constantly looking for a quick get rich scheme and always had a...plan! I also thought he was so cute and adorable. I do agree that it ran a couple of seasons too long, I enjoyed it tremendously and enjoyed seeing the show again.

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    This show ended the year that I turned eleven years old. I was given the seasons one through two DVD for Christmas. I have already watched it and now I am waiting for the rest of the show to become available so that I can see what I loved watching when I was younger and even more these days now that I understand the show better with my being older. (smiles) I pray that it isn't too long of a wait because to me this show is one of the best thats ever been shared with the world! (smiles) God bless you and the awesome four who played Larry, Balki, Jennifer, and Mary Anne always!!! Holly in East Tennessee (age 27) P.S. And yes Balki is my most favorite. How can you not love him? (smiles)

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    Man you all just see but Balki is the man now a days. He can dance the dance of joy and punk cousin Larry (he also gets put in his place) and he got the good looking blonde also. Balki just took that show somewhere. It wasn't trying to be like Fullhouse, or Urkle Matters. Not even Step by Step was not compared to that show. I love Perfect Strangers, and I would watch it over and over because of the fact it was original. Even though because the same creators of those stupid shows I named has the same thing the sappy music and the hugs, and stuff like that, but Perfect Strangers is good for its time. Now a days there are nothing but keep the soccer moms happy, but Perfect Strangers kept a smile on everyones face.

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    What can I say, except that those were the days! They really don't make it like this anymore-wholesome, scripted comedy, that people of all ages can appreciate.I have been watching this show since I was around 7 years old, and in my experience, it has only gotten better with age. As a youngster, I think I enjoyed it because of the character of Balki-the naive sheepherder from a small developing island, faced with a massive culture shock when he arrives unexpectedly at the door of his distant cousin, Larry. I laughed along as Balki was dazzled by Western technology, taught Larry his bizarre Myposian rituals, made endless failed attempts at popular American sayings, and had his good nature taken advantage of time and time again. I must admit that at the time, Larry was just a character that was around so Balki could exist, and I really took little notice of him. But now that I am older, it is Balki that has begun to fade into the background. The character of Larry seems kind of straightforward-an average guy in his mid 20s who, despite himself, comes to learn many life lessons from his eccentric cousin. I would have thought they could have gotten any old actor to play someone like that, but now I see that I was wrong. Mark Linn Baker is subtly brilliant as Larry Appleton. He portrays Larry's neurotic, on-edge personality, without becoming tacky and predictable in his mannerisms. And despite being "the normal one", his use of physical comedy is hilarious. The 2 lead actors bounce off each other perfectly, and make this show work.This show is pure fun, but also made a nice statement about morality, which made you care about the 2 lead characters. At the age of 20, I still shed a tear when Balki moves back to Mypos and he and Larry have to say goodbye. And when Jennifer accepts Larry's unrehearsed marriage proposal, over the proposal her new attractive, wealthy boyfriend. And I still laugh when I see Larry and Balki sneaking into Jennifer and Maryanne's apartment at night to swap Jennifer's engagement ring, fix up a house and accidentally get stuck in a chandelier, or dancing to the reworded limbo rock as they attempt to bake 3,000 "Bippy Bobkas".As a disclaimer, I must warn that this show isn't exactly high-brow, to say the least. The story lines are often far from believable, the dialogue isn't always as funny as the raucous canned laughter would have you believe, and a "straight guy meets wacky guy" comedy isn't exactly cutting edge. But in all honesty-so what? This show may not be the height of intellectual viewing, but when you're just looking for a show to veg out in front of and forget your troubles for half an hour, then look no further. This show always leaves you with a smile on your face, and is a refreshing change from the myriad of recycled reality shows they beam to us at every opportunity.Since this show was cancelled, a lot of shows have come and gone that I have loved for various reasons, but I have yet to find another sitcom that can hold the flame to this one. I prey that they will release this series on DVD. And if not, then I hope the reruns I recorded back in the 90s will last long enough for me to show to my children.

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