TV-PG | 12 September 1978 (USA)
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    Wonderful Movie

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    Purely Joyful Movie!

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    I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.

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    An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.

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    It may not be the best sitcom ever that I would recommend to run to but is it overall plaisant to watch. The situations are interesting, the actors are good, and it is simply written so everyone can have a good time. All the actors are well-known but it made me discover Andy Kaufman without who the show would probably lose much of its interest.

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    Had this show been recent, I wouldn't have rated it 10 stars. The pacing of the episodes is usually slow. Some episodes are not properly finished. The writing is lazy after season 1. Some of the actors' comedic signature moves take longer than necessary. And I find the social and psychological topics more than a bit tiring.However...I saw this show on reruns, and it wasn't exactly a part of my childhood memories. And yet, I liked it. Binge-watching it after all these years, I still like it despite its many flaws. I like how the actors don't take themselves very seriously, even in the more serious episodes. I like how, mostly Ms Henner and some of the other actors, cannot contain themselves (or maybe even don't try to) in some scenes. I like the not-really-trying-hard feeling of the production. The show has some sort of 'we can do it more professionally but we're choosing not to' feel. I think the last show I saw with a similar attitude was Just Shoot Me.There's no need to rate informatively a 35 year old sitcom. My rating is totally sentimental but who cares... 10 star out of 10, for being whatever it is.And Christopher Lloyd is amazing as Reverend Jim. Reverend Jim's lines are literally ahead of their times. This character can find a place in any sitcom of today, as is.

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    Or why I never fell in love with "Taxi".This TV show had a lot going for it, but never reached "greatness" in the sense of true monumental groundbreaking material. It had great chemistry among the talent involved, but the plays, though broken up into four acts for TV, read more like psychological comedies, dealing with a variety of urban social topics, and "solutions" thereof.Whether it's Devito's short man's complex lording it over his employees and lechery towards Marilu Henner's character, or the young boxer and actor striving for the big time but having their hands tied by driving hacks. Each seeks to escape their doldrums, and come to discuss and experience their troubles in a group therapy garage that is a place of emotional healing and comedy.What better medicine than laughter? Well, being a California kid who attended theatre I could appreciate the sketch and thesping, but the themes seemed crazy or obnoxiously eccentric and just plain out there and out of touch. And why was that? Probably because a need was felt to create a socially forward thinking show to help people deal with really crazy and just plain silly inner city psychology. Hence the music, hence Hirsch's character feeling like a shrink, hence the eccentricities of the stories and characters. All presented as if we had just stepped out of Taxi to attend some theatre a block or two away from Radio City Music Hall (minus the Rockettes... you can't have everything).Entertaining, fun and funny, and for me personally it was a time killer before the Dukes of Hazard came on. With a more mature mind I can see it for what it is, and, ironically enough, actually dislike it a bit more than I had previously, all the while still appreciating the theatrics.Ergo, if you're a fan of this show, and want to own the series on DVD, then maybe you better check yourself into Bellevue New York.

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    Jim Ignatowski: A Space Oddity This episode I remember the most due to the test sequence that went on between Bobby saying, "Slow Down" and Jim asking the same question, "What does a yellow light mean" ever slower mistaking the answer for Bobby's inability to understand him. Of course there is Jim dropping something into Louie's coffee and Louie singing "Moonlight Bay" that was also hilarious. This episode was voted as the second funniest episode in T.V. history by Nick At Nite. There are other great episodes from this short lived t.v. series. Unfortunately, it also lost one of their funniest character comedians shortly after the series went off the air, Andy Kaufman. Watch the episode again you will laugh just as hard as if you watched the first time.

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