Bill Nye the Science Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy
TV-Y | 10 September 1993 (USA)

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    As Good As It Gets

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    In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.

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    The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.

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    The movie turns out to be a little better than the average. Starting from a romantic formula often seen in the cinema, it ends in the most predictable (and somewhat bland) way.

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    Seth Nelson

    From 1988 until very early 1995, my family and I used to live in the Seattle area (yuck!!!!!). That was the setting of the very great educational Disney/PBS program, "Bill Nye, the Science Guy!!!!!" Our host, Bill Nye, showed us everything about experiments and science in a cool and fun way!!!!! It always started off at the "Nye Laboratories" door, then we go on to "The (insert many words here) of Science!!!!!" (fanfare) And here, Nye showed us how a different science is possible. We also learned many other great things from his lab to out in the world!!!!! We also talk with real life "scientists," do fun experiments in our kitchen, plus there's some funny skits that tied in with, well, SCIENCE!!!!! After all of that, we wrap up the day's episode with a music video, also explaining science.I remember I was at a mall in Seattle in December, 1993, and I actually met Bill Nye at a book signing!!!!! BTW, my family still has the book today: "Bill Nye the Science Guy's Big Book of Science!!!!!," published by Addison-Wesley, in 1993."Bill Nye, the Science Guy" was a terrific science show and probably the most academic work the Disney company has ever made in its "Golden Age." I only wish the show were on TV today, and along with my top-class private education, made me understand the universe a whole lot better. (Try THAT with "WILL OF THE BUTCHER" or whatever that bad time traveling DCOS is, LOL) Oh, and did I mention: SCIENCE RULES!!!!!10 stars, indeed!!!!!

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    I love this show. I use to watch it on PBS for a few years and then I watched it on ABC for a few years. This show helped with my science classes in junior high school and I think all children should watch this show when they're in Elementry and Junior high school.My favorite episode was the episode when Bill Nye taught us about the solar system since I love outer space. I also liked the way the channel would flicker during the show going to different stations. That always gave me some good laughs.Overall this is a really good show and its to bad that it was canceled a few years ago. It deserves 10/10 stars.

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    When I was seven, I spend most of my time watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. He made science a lot simpler for me and I could easily understand what does what and other things (like how far the nearest star is outside of the solar system or how a CD works). Now that his show is now on Thursday from midnight to two in the morning on Friday on Noggin as part of Cable in the Classroom, I try my best to stay up long enough to set up my VCR to record the 4 episodes shown in that time.It had a lot of good humor (The kind that wouldn't translated well in certain countries due to grammar differences) and an equal amount of visual aids to simplify the lectures. It still rocks after all these yearsRating: 13 out of 10

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    Bill Nye is a great actor and TV show host I learn so much from his TV show. My favorite show was the computer show. Also he went to collge in upstate New York, which I think is cool. I wish it was still on PBS but now it's on Noggin because I always use to look foward to watch him at 5 PM but I catch it whenever I can.

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