Mad About You
Mad About You
TV-PG | 23 September 1992 (USA)
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    hyped garbage

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    Fresh and Exciting

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    The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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    Billy Ollie

    Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable

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    As a senior, now, I saw that this show was now available on Showtime, so I thought I'd take a look. I never watched it when it originally aired and didn't remember why.Well, NOW I remember! If you enjoy listening to a woman whining and complaining while questioning everything that her husband does and says, this show is for you! Episode after episode of bickering. I watched three episodes and just couldn't take anymore.What surprises me is the fact that this show lasted for 7 seasons! I hate people who nit pick, and this show uses it as its framework for every show. I don't find it amusing, just grating on my nerves. Definitely NOT for me.

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    Aaron Poscovsky

    If you watch many Woody Allen movies, you will pick up the fact that Paul spoke and acted just like Woody Allen.The talk all the time and making back talk to others in the scene was the same as Woody Allen.The show is very funny and has many inside jokes that you have to understand if you watch of TV in the time frame of the show.The apartment is Cosmo Kramer apartment from the Seinfeld show.Spy Girl (Barbara Feldon) is from Get Smart.The going and from into and out of the room, over and over again is from the Max Brothers movies.

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    If you like this please watch some other TV. A neurotic-without-the-smarts couple over-analyze ever single moments of their trite lives.The wife is so annoying it's amazing. He's a hypocritical idiot and it's supposed to be funny? It's not charming, it's not fun, it's just plain wrong. To be fair I'm sure I did watch an episode that made me smile, other than the final. I just can't remember what it was.The only positive thing about this abomination are the extras. At least they seem slightly interesting.Watch "Snog, Marry or Avoid" and you'll know this is one sitcom that is best to "avoid".It's rubbish.

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    Mad About You follows the formula of a typical 90's NBC sitcom. All the required elements are there, a wacky character (Mark), a crazy character(Lisa), a snooty character(the neighbors), and a funny pet(Murray). However at times the writing and acting would make this show much better than the sum of these assembly line parts. Everybody knows Helen Hunt and all the awards she piled up but the contributions of Anne Ramsay are almost always overlooked. Her neurotic persona was the perfect contrast to Paul and Jamie. Although her character was an annoying and clingy personality, it often presented some excellent comic situation the more straight laced Buchman's would never engage in. The seemingly never ending series of problems Lisa would frustrate Paul and Jamie with was one of my favorite aspects of the show. The way in which Hunt and Reiser play off each other is another highlight. Unlike other couples in TV sitcoms the chemistry is undeniable in the first few seasons. So when the show would veer into more sentimental episodes, more often than not they would work. In the first few seasons the show was very subtle, no big madcap adventures making it much more interesting. They could get a lot of mileage out of simple scenarios, like a couple forced to spend New Years apart. Unfortunately after season 3's excellent 2 part finale the show took a severe dive in quality. The show became very hit or miss in season 4and by season 5 it was exhausted. Another problem is the show was written with a very choppy back and forth dialog flow which could sound very unnatural at times. It becomes more noticeable as you get into later seasons. It is a shame the show was stretched out so long because the first 3 seasons are generally excellent. A 9 for years 1-3, A 4 for years 4-7, Call it a 6 for the overall series.

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