TV-MA | 29 June 2010 (USA)
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    Save your money for something good and enjoyable

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    Beautiful, moving film.

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    The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.

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    Fatma Suarez

    The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful

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    Peter Dee

    Wow! I just accidentally stumbled onto this show the other night and binged a few episodes to find that it is really good... like, REALLY good.Funny, well-scripted and I can't wait to watch the whole thing from episode 1.

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    I recently watched the entire series, but prior to that I had little to no real background on Louis CK. I found the show was similar to that of Seinfeld as it focused on the comedians real life as opposed to just playing a character on a show. In both cases its about the comedian and there day to day life. While Louis CK basically plays himself, he is really playing a version of himself. I found the show quite funny and it made me wonder how close to the character of Louie is Louis CK. I also wondered why I didn't know more about him before watching this show. I use to see him and thought he was some old man, but he is like 10 years older than I am. I feel we see a better version of the stand up comedian life than was portrayed in Seinfeld. Hell, even good old Jerry Seinfeld made a couple of appearances. Although in great Louis CK fashion, Louie was a disappointment to someone else. If you would compare the two, Jerry is a clean comedian and Louis is much more raunchy. I haven't seen enough of his stand up act to say he is raunchy like an Eddie Murphy, but he certainly talks about sex and masturbation a lot. Unlike Louie the Character, Louis CK is more than successful as a stand up comedian and actor/writer/producer. He has certainly made millions and he did make one hell of a show.

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    Over thinking this show is the hidden gem behind this show,that's if you watch his amazing stand comedy you understand where he stands as a comedian. after being a fan of that for a while and watching that show i think too deeply into the segments and i hope that's a hidden message in the show and the point of the show that their is a causal audience who can appreciate Louis CK and can get on his wave link.but in saying that their is a massive gain or even more for anyone who is deeply into Louis CK's stand up comedy. you feel a deeper thought pattern into every joke and segment of the show. which alone has made this TV show even more enjoyable. I've re-watched episodes that didn't make complete sense to me straight away over again and some of them have a lot more deeper thought.Like the episode in Season 2 ep9 that episode feature a guy who many fans of Louis CK's comedy love in Doug Stanhope and that episode felt like a legit interaction between friends who have been on the comedy circuit for years and one of them is just as good just not as successful and that feeling came to me. its almost contrasting styles and its almost Louie CK respecting Doug Stanhope by putting him in the episode and telling his story through his hit show.

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    ---This review was written after watching seasons 1~3---I am not a big fan of stand-up comedy, so it's rare when I find a comedian very funny. Louis C.K. is one of those rare cases for me. But his series is something else entirely. The first season is some of the weirdest, most awkward, but funniest seasons in comedy I've ever seen. Dark humor, annoying (little) things in life, and with a healthy dose of surreal situations make for a combination I like very much. This is all loosely tied together with stand-up segments that are all very strong.Then starting with the second season, things get darker. More serious. The episodes feel completely different, and are less full of jokes. And a few episodes in you start wondering, "when is it getting really funny again?". It isn't. I mean, there are still jokes, and funny moments, but the series, starting from the second season, is more of a dramedy than a comedy. And at this point you're either intrigued by the stories and thematics and keep watching, or you get bored and stop. I kept watching, and it was worth it, even though the first season, in my humble opinion, is still far superior.I recommend watching the first season, then a couple of episodes in the second season decide whether you want to keep going or not.In the end: Season 1: 10/10 Seasons 2 & 3: 7/10

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