TV-G | 08 September 2007 (USA)
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    Yawn. Poorly Filmed Snooze Fest.

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    The Worst Film Ever

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    When a movie has you begging for it to end not even half way through it's pure crap. We've all seen this movie and this characters millions of times, nothing new in it. Don't waste your time.

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    By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.

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    This program simply boggles the mind.Two thousand years from now an unknown researcher, combing through some of the surviving digital remnants of the early 21st century will come across part of an episode of iCarly and be very confused.What could this possibly have been created for, they will wonder?When the researcher publishes their discovery, the future historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and other scholars of arcane, ancient lore will engage in fierce academic debate over the answer to that question, but one thing they will all agree on is that it was not intended as entertainment. No sane being would subject themselves to such an experience voluntarily.While there will be many proposed solutions to the mystery, the general consensus will probably focus on four primary theories:1. It actually was the aberrant product of a diseased mind that happened to survive by mere historical chance. (There are plenty of precedents: For instance: Ovid's somewhat silly Ars Amatoria, (Art of Love), from about 2 AD has come down to us pretty much intact, while only the titles of many of Archimedes' works remain.)2. It was a public service announcement to help raise awareness about mental illness, showing the bizarre group behaviors exhibited by a small community with various serious disorders.3. It was a severe form of cruel and inhumane torture used to punish the very worst offenders in a manner similar to that inflicted upon Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) in Stanley Kubrick's horrific masterpiece A Clockwork Orange (1971). (The historical irony will likely be that A Clockwork Orange WON'T survive!)4. It was the early 21st century equivalent of the late medieval conceptions of hell painted by Heironymous Bosch.Nothing else makes sense.XYZ

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    I started watching iCarly in the middle of season 3 or 4. I found the show to be nonsensically funny. While the Sam character has reasons to be so mean there are times where she goes way overboard in my opinion. Of course this can be attributed to teen age hormones running rampant I suppose. Freddy is the only real reason they have a web show from what I can tell. Without his tech knowledge it doesn't seem as if there could be a broadcast. What's with Gibby and pulling his shirt off all the time? He sure ain't purty to look at with a shirt on. Carly is a warm hearted cutie who appears to only see the best in most people she runs into. Although she will go after a really bad one. The brother is a bit off center but he is an artist. How they earn income is never addressed. The brother sells a piece from time to time but where does the money come from for all the monthly expenses? Maybe daddy colonel? I find this show to be funny and at times it actually seems to address some aspects of teenage angst and growing pains. (With Sam around actual pain too, the butter sock is cool but wouldn't it start to drip or squish out when it warmed up)? Freddy's mom is even more off center than the brother. How Freddy turned out fairly normal with her around is a credit to the writers.

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    Travis Smith

    (Sigh) OK let's get this over with. Icrappy is a show about a three teenagers in high school, gee haven't seen that on TV yet, I don't think kid shows these days are repetitive enough. Anyway the thing that makes this show SO DIFFERENT is that these teens have a web show that "millions" of idiots tune into see every day or week or whatever. The acting is abysmal but what did you expect from nickelodeon. Lets look at the stupid characters. OK the main character is a stupid generic popular good looking teen girl named Carly that "everyone wants to kiss"....... Yeah right, she's too bland to speak about so I will just move on. Her big brother spencer is the biggest idiot in kids shows history. He has no idea how to look after Carly and he is a artist but he has no artistic sense at all and for some reason everyone wants to buy his trash...... Bull. Then Sam who is my least favourite character, she is a complete bully who loves making fun of kids and hurting them and guess what! She is the main characters best friend, ain't that just great!? Sam is rewarded for being horrible to everyone and its annoying as hell. My favourite is Freddie because he is a geek like me BUT the people who made this show think that being a nerd is bad and anyone who is one should be bullied. Parents don't let your kids watch this, It will make them dumber. Raise them on stuff like lion king or heck even spongebob. Something with good morals.

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    Icarly is a good kids show for kids and very funny show.reasons to like Icarly 1.) It is funny.2.) It is unpredictable.3.) Wide range of shows.4.) Good kids show.Reasons not to like it.1.) It is sometimes repetitive So it is mostly a good show.Icarly is about a girl named Carly played as Miranda Cosgrove and her brother Spencer played as Jerry Trainer and Carly's friends the wild Sam who Carly does her web-cast with, who is played by Jenette McCurty, and Freddy who is the tech guy of the group who is played by Nathan Kress, and then there less important, but still important Gibby, who who is played by Noah Munck. Together these people kind of live a second life with each other. They must survive the adventures they get into being famous, from losing a member of the gang to getting kidnapped... twice!I give this movie a 7.5 out of ten and recommend this not to adults, but definitely to kids.

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