Family Guy
Family Guy
TV-14 | 31 January 1999 (USA)
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    Save your money for something good and enjoyable

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    Memorable, crazy movie

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    Suman Roberson

    It's a movie as timely as it is provocative and amazingly, for much of its running time, it is weirdly funny.

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    Jonah Abbott

    There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

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    Family guy is my all time favorite show. I love Stewie and Brian's moments together and Stewie is funny and love his british accent. I love every episode besides the star wars episodes (Not a fan of Star Wars).

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    I love family guy it helps me get through times good and bad peter is hilarious and my personal favourite episode is petarded it is hilarious and I'm so happy this show was invented

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    Let's face it. Whether you like it or not, Family Guy was once a good show. The cutaways were funny, the plots were funny, and the overall show was just..funny. But then it wasn't, as the show decreased in humor and focused on ratings trap episodes and just bland and boring plots. It fell from grace, but let's all remember how it was once good. Once.

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    I've seen every episode, I've heard of every joke and I've been using a lot of its references to my horrific failures. Nonetheless, I will continue to watch it for as long as the show continues to be around.

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