Doctor Who
Doctor Who
TV-PG | 26 March 2005 (USA)
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    Such a frustrating disappointment

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    Don't listen to the negative reviews

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    As somebody who had not heard any of this before, it became a curious phenomenon to sit and watch a film and slowly have the realities begin to click into place.

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    Mathilde the Guild

    Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.

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    That's about it. blows my mind how anyone can think this garbage is any good at all. no wonder people give sci-fi a bad name when there's trash like this out there.

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    This is the best tv series i had seen i think i will never see tv series better than doctor who

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    I first watched Doctor Who on the 26th March 2005 on BBC One with my two older sisters. I was 1 at the time (so I can't remember watching it) but my mum told me that I fell silent for the whole of the episode (I was teething at that point so I was uncomfortable). My mum used to watch it in the late 70's and early 80's but then she stopped watching when Colin Baker came into the role as she 'couldn't bear to watch a clown'! My sister saw the trailer to Season 1 and instantly was eager to watch Rose. Now, it is 2018, and Doctor Who has made the most impact on my life out of everything and anything.The first episode I remember watching was The Fires of Pompeii, which introduces the future Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Karen Gillan, who would play Amy Pond in Season 5-7, also guest starred in it. That is still a firm favourite of mine because the story is based on a Latin textbook that I studied at school two years ago. I cried when David Tennant (my favourite Doctor) left and loathed Matt Smith in his first three episodes for taking over my hero's role. However, in Time of the Angels, Matt shone as a brilliant actor and I still really enjoy him today in The Crown. I really started to become aware of the history of Doctor in the months leading up to the fiftieth anniversary; I spent all my summer holidays watching Doctor Who videos on YouTube. I also started to watch Classic Doctor Who episodes. The fiftieth anniversary special lived up to the rest of Doctor Who, though I was disappointed that Christopher Eccleston was not in it.Now on Peter Capaldi's run. I feel so so so sorry for Capaldi. It was his lifelong dream to play the Doctor and he was severely let down by the writing. Deep Breath dragged on for more than 75 mins with unnecessary content. Into the Dalek was better but Robots of Sherwood was dismal. Time Heist was an improvement and I quite enjoyed watching The Caretaker. Kill The Moon was absolutely fantastic in the first segment but after the 25 min mark, it turned to absolute bollocks. I thoroughly enjoyed the next two episodes. In The Forest of the Night was like a bad remake of a new Sarah Jane Adventures episode with ignorant characters and the series finale two-parter was better. Season 9 was much better in my opinion overall compared to the season before that. The writing was marginally better. However, I was extremely disappointed by Hell Bent. It was an unforgiving end to Series 9. Season 10 was worse than Season 9, but World Enough and Time shone like a star. Even after all of this complaining, I love Doctor Who with the entirety of my heart. It's a brilliant show with many genres amalgamated into one successfully from 1963 onwards' it offers horror, comedy, mystery, romance and many other elements. I will forever love it and it will always hold a special place into my heart.

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    One of the most non famous and unrecognized series I know, I think every man on this world have to see this before die if he respects himself.Doctor Who can be comedy,action,adventure,horror,thriller at the same time so 10/10.The scenarios of its episode is unique and really smart. I hope will not stop making new episodes every year..Keep strong Gallifrey fans ;)

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