Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
TV-G | 03 September 2012 (USA)
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    Save your money for something good and enjoyable

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    This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.

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    This is a must-see and one of the best documentaries - and films - of this year.

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    Billy Ollie

    Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable

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    Pauly Maloney

    This show is by FAR one of the worst "educational" shows of all time. Now, just because a show is educational and rated TV- Y, doesn't mean it's instantly bad. Examples: Blues Clues The Upside- Down Show MLP: Friendship is Magic Arthur Odd Squad Nature Cat And more. But this is awful... It just might be the worst PBS cartoon running today. The animation looks like it was done be one person in ten minutes. It's comparable to "It's The Nutshack" in animation. No, it's WORSE. "It's The Nutshack" doesn't copy and paste live-action pictures into their animation. The voice acting and writing are egregiously bad. Almost as bad as "Super Why." And just the ignorance of the original "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" is offensive. They take 100% of the charm out of it. This was even made by the fricking Fred Rogers Company, where "The legacy goes on". Yeah, legacy of making cartoons just for 💰. I hate this show. P.S. The Fred Rogers Company isn't a bad company. They made Odd Squad and Nature Cat, two of my favorite PBS Kids shows. Here is my final word: Do not watch this. It's cruel and unethical torture.

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    Without a doubt it's a great program it's what sesame street used to be with lots of music and memorable jingles to help kids learn. From potty training, to dealing with anger, to dealing with feelings arising with a newborn on the way, Daniel Tiger tackles a lot of things other newer shows don't reach. There's even a show about voting and what it is for. This show is worth watching especially if your child likes music. My youngest loves the music and jingles she often dances to the music. I urge any parent with an upcoming doctor's appointment to watch the episode where Daniel Tiger has to get a shot. It might ease anxiety for your child when going to the doctor and for parents too.If your potty training your child I urge you to watch the episodes about going potty and repeating jingles about using the bathroom. It worked for my oldest daughter maybe it can work for your child too.The tantrums episode wasn't a good show, but it should not discourage you from watching the other almost 60 episodes available to watch. Netflix dropped it recently, why I have no idea, but you can view all episodes via YouTube, PBS kids and Amazon. Daniel Tiger Is Great Program!

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    Fred G. Sanford

    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood has very few redeeming qualities. It encourages children to work together, and teaches them that they are all the same even if they have physical differences. These lessons are commendable. However, this program encourages children to throw temper-tantrums. The parents always maintain an understanding demeanor as the child has fits concerning anything that does not go their way. By reasoning and compassion, the hissy-fit subsides and the child returns to a calm stance. This is completely unrealistic because an adult cannot reason with a child. A child is incapable of understanding adult principles. They have the mind of a child. This is one reason why the world is so violent and ungodly today. Parents allow children to do, say and go, whatever, whenever and wherever they want. No discipline is instilled and the child grows up believing the world was made to accommodate their desires.Thankfully my parents did not raise me in this fashion. The manner in which the parents and children behave and interact on this show is like a parallel universe when compared to the way I was raised. My children will not be watching this show.

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    Lynn Norris

    My 2-year old grandson LOVES this show! He is rarely still but will sit through entire episodes of Daniel Tiger, responding to questions, singing along, and giving me "Ugga- mugga" kisses. He even has a "Tigey" he sleeps with. This morning we watched the crayon factory episode and when the characters received their yellow crayons from Lady Elaine, he jumped up to get his. My daughter didn't understand why there are such short random songs thrown in, so I had her watch Mr. Rogers on YouTube to show her that he did the same thing. The brevity and repetition of two-line songs of encouragement or learning are wonderful mechanisms by which children can remember. They aren't always very tuneful, but they are perfect for our 2-yr. old. And after all, he is the target audience, not those of us who watched and loved Mr. Rogers on his original show. I find this pseudo- reincarnation delightful and filled with learning opportunities for young children.

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