TV-14 | 22 September 2004 (USA)
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    A film with more than the usual spoiler issues. Talking about it in any detail feels akin to handing you a gift-wrapped present and saying, "I hope you like it -- It's a thriller about a diabolical secret experiment."

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    Portia Hilton

    Blistering performances.

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    The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.

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    An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.

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    Watched all 3. Liked NY the best. Gary Sinise was really good. Why aren't they on as reruns like the other 2 snows.

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    As you would expect, this is an add on from the regular CSI, and CSI Miami. Before I say anything else, I want to say that CSI: NY is one of the best crime dramas that I have ever scene. 2nd only to NCIS.As a veteran to crime dramas, you expect many things. You expect the best technology, the best environment for the show, and most of all, the best cast. CSI NY has one of the best cast members I have ever scene for any crime drama. Gary Sinise, Eddie Cahill, and the newest member of the team, Sela Ward, and the rest, all work to make CSI NY the sensation it earns.This television series is the best of all the CSI's, and mainly because it brings in the most drama out of them. There are those sad times, those happy moments, and those moments that you simply cannot explain.Every episode is wonderfully written, and with one of the best cast members of any crime drama, CSI NY earns a solid 10 out of 10.

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    I started to watch CSI NY after I found out that one of my favourite actors, Gary Sinise, plays the main character, Mac Taylor. I fell in love with it instantly. The cast is great, made even stronger by the presence of Lindsay Monroe. The story lines are unique to New York (for example, a murder on the Statue Of Liberty!)and there have been some amazing guest stars on the show, my favourite being Myketi Williamson as the Deputy Inspector:it was good seeing "LT Dan" and "Bubba" on screen together again!!! Other notable guest stars include Ashley Simpson, Kid rock, Nelly Furtado (as a professional shoplifter) and Will Dailey.

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    Sorry for the choice but Horatio Caine is killing me lately with the pose. You know what I am talking about. At least once in each episode he cops the pose where he pulls out the sun glasses and puts them on, hands go on hips, legs spread apart and he looks left in a Superman kind of pose. It just kills me. It is suppose to be Miami not Hollywood! I really like CSI Miami but Horatio really does get me with those poses, hahaha. Watch for them and you will see him strike at least one or two each episode. Gary has been a favorite actor of mine since Forest. I think he has been overlooked way to long and glad to see him have some steady work at last.

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