CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
TV-14 | 06 October 2000 (USA)
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    Save your money for something good and enjoyable

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    I don't have all the words right now but this film is a work of art.

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    Excellent adaptation.

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    Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.

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    Bob McNamara

    I -love- this show, right up until Season 9. Then it goes into the toilet. Without detailing why (to avoid spoilers) a new character enters the show as a CSI 1. Exceptional actor Lawrence Fishburne. Now this should be good, except from his first episode this became HIS show. He does it all. Coroner, cop, detective, investigator etc. He has more screen time than every other actor, combined, in every episode from then on. His addition to the show is a bit contrived, but they spin a story offering a reasonable explanation. He just takes over. Completely. I miss the other characters. They are no longer more than bit players. Great show. Somebody negotiated a weak contract for the viewer and tossed the show in the bin. I really hate being so negative, just set your expectations to enjoy half of the series, then plan to binge something else.

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    Michael Pless

    Wonderfully stylish and engagingly shot, this series was one of the first (but certainly *not* the first) to make forensic science interesting and understandable to those who aren't in the trade. The animations and so forth used to further explain complex principles are as strong and engaging as ever.Even the gradual turn-over of characters hasn't hurt the series so much, because the characters are as wonderful as the production values. From Peterson's abstract and at times eccentric Gil Grissom, through Lawrence Fishburn's brooding (if not threatening, at times) Ray Langston, to the strict, but wise father-figure of Ted Danson, they are unique and bring something to scripts that are increasingly shoddy and seemingly churned-out *sans* any care whatsoever.It is the expository dialogue that so annoys, for it often treats the viewer as if they were incapable of putting two and two together. The latest example is when Danson's daughter is kidnapped and she leaves a trail of forensic breadcrumbs that end at tyre tracks and paint flakes. "I think she's trying' to tell us they switched cars," says the now overweight George Eads. Really? That needed to be spelled-out so bluntly, because the audience wouldn't realize what it meant? I certainly hope CSI is not now targeting coma patients! The exposition is also increasingly poorly-crafted, and I know from experience that forensic scientists don't talk like that amongst each other. I accept that some things need to be explained to the audience. That said, it is totally unnecessary for the characters to deliver a lecture as if to primary-school children on what they are about to do, giving detail on the physics or chemistry, only to have their equally-knowledgeable colleague comment, "That's amazing/terrific/wonderful/etc."There are now what looks like hundreds (if not scores) of writers for the show, and perhaps this is the cause of the poorly-crafted dialogue - they simply lack a clear understanding of how a forensic science lab might operate and find the science new and exciting and in their gushing enthusiasm presume the audience is similarly...clueless.

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    c.s.i is a great show that all people including me, will love just by watching one episode. i like all the characters in c.s.i because they are just such great actors and actresses who have worked hard to obtain such great roles in a great show. i haven't seen all of the episodes but i have seen enough to want to watch it all the time. it has a great story which is so magnificent that i am shocked with how great it is. they should give this show better ratings because from everyone in the family they would say,"you deserve better!!!". it would take all the paper in the world to say of how great the show c.s.i is and how it changed crime shows into great popular art. before i close i would like to say just to the people who acted out in c.s.i, PLEASE COME TO MY HOUSE BECAUSE I WANT ALL OF YOUR AUTOGRAPHS!!!!!!

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    Normally I am not a big fan of Mr. Danson in anything other than 'Cheers', but he does okay in this show. He just doesn't seem like that police type actor. Additionally, I would prefer he had a smaller part, but if they want to call it, 'CSI:Ted Danson', then that is fine. I pick on Mr. Danson only in jest. This is a very good show which has experienced some serious changes. Some of these changes I would have thought as knock-out blows. Sadly the holes made in this cast and the damage caused, cannot be quickly repaired with band aids and bailing wire. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to see the producers and directors are not afraid to take gambles – and Mr. Danson is one. He is a very talented gentleman whose persona demands center stage. This center stage personality demands a staring roll. I just don't see such a powerful performer relegating himself as just another part of a team. In my opinion is that Ted's addition is a distraction, although he is quite a talented individual.

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