TV-14 | 27 May 2012 (USA)

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    I love this movie so much

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    Thanks for the memories!

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    best movie i've ever seen.

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    Seasons one and two worked well. Cross between detective and science fiction. Season three had a team of new writers and would be the reason for the show being cancelled. Sadly, it lost continuity. No pun intended. It became an episode to episode series with poor direction and non believable dialogue due to unempathetic script writing and totally incongruous story lines.It definitely lost its way. Shame.

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    That's how I would rate the four seasons. The 1st season has an intriguing concept, a great twist at the end of the first episode, but FAR too many standalone episodes and far too slow development of the overall story. It plays more like a police procedural with futuristic tech than the sci-fi mind-bender I was expecting, so I very nearly gave up watching it altogether. Fortunately, the 2nd season steers the show back to its sci-fi roots. It is a major improvement, more focused, more sci-fi-oriented, more complex in plot and character (feels like a multi-person chess game - everyone has their own agenda), leading to a terrific, game-changing season finale. The 3rd season continues on the same level as the 2nd, further blurring the lines between good and bad and adding more layers of complexity. But the 4th season is kind of shapeless, introducing YET another villainous group and short-changing other characters in the process (Julian, Curtis, the entire Freelancers cult and the Traveler). Some of the characters (Travis, Garza) start to suffer from Ben ("Lost") or Sylar ("Heroes") syndrome: they flip-flop between sides so frequently that it stops feeling like character complexity and starts feeling more like the writers simply don't know what to do with them. "Continuum" never becomes a great series (it comes closest in the 2nd season finale), but it's often a good one, with tangled plots, convincing acting, slick fight scenes, and adequate special effects - even if the CGI is obvious at times.

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    Before I start, let me make some disclaimers: 1) I am a big fan of time traveling shows 2) I am not fussy about the science being accurate on the show 3) I do not mind few inconsistencies in the logic of the show, especially a time travel show, as time travel, by definition is quite a paradoxical topic to deal withHaving said that, I have to admit that the only reason I completed 4 seasons of this show was because it started well, and I just had to finish it because I could not believe that a show can be so badly written, and was hoping for a miracle at the end that explained everything. Apart from good performances from the cast (apart from the lead though, who by all accounts, is the worst actress I have seen on TV), there is nothing good about this show. The premise was strong, and they had a good story to tell as well, but pi*s poor writing ensured that all of it went to waste.I have seen my share of bad shows, and shows that wasted its potential, but the writing on this show just takes it to a whole new level. The show not only kept making sh*t up, and dropping mega plots like bad habits along the way, it did so by introducing clumsy writing which lacked any imagination and was at times childish.I really wish I had never seen this show. Trust me, if you are looking for a good time travel or Sci-Fi show, go for 12 Monkeys, go for Fringe, in fact go and watch X-Files all over again, instead of watching this show.

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    I just finished watching all 42 episodes this past week for the first time. In general I liked the series, especially all the Syfy special effects. The last few episodes did seem a bit awkward for some reason, but I can't pin it on any specific thing. Maybe it was Kiera's new boyfriend near the end of the series whose relationship didn't take long enough to develop and seemed like it appeared haphazardly out of nowhere so that they could conclude this series sooner than later. I thought the acting was very good to excellent from all the cast, especially police officer Carlos Fonnegra. I was personally let down by the final episode. She goes back to her future after a 3 year hiatus, sees her son with her other self and finds out she can't get involved. That's it, the show ends there. I would have done the ending differently. I would have created a relationship between Carlos and Kiera maybe around year 2 or year 3 of the series. A relationship where they love each other but never took the next step to romance, date, etc, where she stays aloof and he holds back. Then, in the last show of the whole series I'd add a final scene where after seeing her other self with her son and knowing she can't have him, she gets back on the time machine and the last scene is her appearing in 2014, the day after she left, and Carlos is there to meet her. Then the series ends and it would be a much happier ending rather than leaving us to believe she went back to the future and now has nothing, no child, no husband, just old age Alec and must start a new life there. 2077 is a place where the audience has not been for 3.5 years and therefore cannot as easily relate to.

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