TV-MA | 14 January 2015 (USA)
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    This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.

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    Sameer Callahan

    It really made me laugh, but for some moments I was tearing up because I could relate so much.

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    Casey Duggan

    It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny

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    Mandeep Tyson

    The acting in this movie is really good.

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    I've been reading the books for years, patiently waiting for the next one to be written and published. The writer, Michael Connelly, has been hands-on in adapting his books to the screen, and he and whomever else was involved knocked it out of the park. Titus Welliver captures the character unbelievably well. At some points the story line on the show deviates from the books, but these deviations were done by Connelly himself, and the funny thing is, I agree that the deviations make for a better television series. The books span from 1992 to the present day, and ongoing, and occur in that time frame. Where in the books we read about Bosch aging, and follow his career arc over 25 years, this can't be depicted on TV.To anyone unfamiliar with Bosch, I urge you to read the books, preferably in order. And watch the show. Connelly has masterfully created a great character, in both the books and on TV. I am only sad because I've read all the books and I've watched all the shows. Now I have to wait for the next release of both.

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    I have seen the Icon on Prime for a while, well I finally decided to "click" on it, and was immediately impressed. So good, that it sucked my wife in also. This is in my opinion one of the best show's on television anywhere. All the actor's are awesome, the story lines are great, and hope this show last a long time. This is great how they depict the character of the people who have a hard job.

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    I enjoyed series one and two. Some snappy dialogue and good acting. I love Bosch's home, especially its night-tme views over twinkling LA. But series three was a let down. The story with the director was very lame indeed and at times just downright irritating and the tale with the ex-military guys was one dimensional and unengaging. Without singling out individual actors there was some weak and unconvincing acting in series three too. It also drifted away from drama and toward sitcom at times and rather lost its identity as a result.It's hard to maintain good quality series upon series, but some manage it, The Sopranos for example.Later addition - series 4 steadies the ship and I have moved up from my post series 3 mark of 5. In brief the first, second and fourth series are good but the third is a turkey with ham.

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    This is hands down the best show on TV right now. Great writing, excellent acting. Not since "The Wire"has there been a cop show this good and consistently great episode after episode. I hope this show goes on for a long while.

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