TV-14 | 19 July 2011 (USA)
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    Too much of everything

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    Redundant and unnecessary.

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    Absolutely brilliant

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    Fatma Suarez

    The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful

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    I knew when I started watching this show that it was a show written for an audience 30 years younger than me. But then sometimes entertainment includes going back in time to when the neurosis of being a teen was the major issue in my life and the drama seemed so important. In that regard I was surprisingly entertained by the show. Granted I never had the type of issues that Jenna has on the show, but I had my own drama and remembering being in love with "unreachable" girls only to find out years later in college they where waiting for me to ask them out provides enough memories of the difficulties of being a teenager to find the show funny and just engaging enough to make me watch the whole series. While I might want to beat Sadie even at this age, it is a representation of the bully who though more dysfunctional than those they bully still do it I think the show is high school and won't transition to college so I'm hoping they wrap it up with a happy ending at the end of high school and our characters moving on to happy futures. It also could be extended into a similar show in a college setting, but the adolescent drama just isn't there in college (or the parents) so a lot of it wouldn't translate. But I've never seen a friends type college show that wasn't predicated on over doing the absurd behavior we all exhibited during our first taste of freedom to extremes that might make animal house funny, but lose the ties to reality. Either way the first 5 season have been a good laugh and the characters entertaining. Variety is the spice of life and Parenthood may be more age appropriate I still find Awkward a very like-able show that I enjoyed a great deal. No over the top sex and drugs making it an after school drama with lessons to be learned, more remembering similar drama from the high school years and laughing at how things that are now comical stories were at the time more important than the falling of the Soviet Union in the lives of a teen. Poking fun at the stereotypes while still using them is an effective method to make it entertaining WHEN you are either a teenager or someone in the mood to look back and have a laugh.

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    Kayleigh Walsh

    Awkward is an extremely well written show. I am always impressed by the story line and the plot twists and am always left wanting more.The 20 minute episodes (Not including special one off's) are just long enough to fit in a interesting tale, and leaving me begging for more by the end of it.It makes Tuesday a special day knowing that I get to catch up on Jenna's life as if I know her personally. I have adapted a personal connection with all the characters. I have recommended this show to many of my friends. All have been bitten by the Awkward bug and are constantly watching it and talking about it. I have even began to re watch the entire series, as to remind myself of the previous drama throughout the show.I highly recommend this show!

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    Harly Roper

    I've recently finished seasons 1-3 of "Awkward" & I can honestly say behind the up front, dramatic approach the series brings, it hits home to the majority of young people/adults. The series constantly attempts to remind you of how you should take nothing for granted. During season 3, Jennas breakdown where she lost everyone, by making wrong decision after wrong decision, but it wasn't her fault. Life had cornered her to the point of no longer caring about herself in all ways. I think almost everyone has been in similar position, in one way or another. I don't really know what else to say except that "Awkward" has an outstanding/committed cast, a great developing plot & fantastic depth. Although it's constantly refreshing because it never loses its wit & gloss. P.S. My top 3 favourite characters in no order are Jake, Valerie & Matty.

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    Taylor Kingston

    This show is just so funny, in my opinion. It has so many things that other TV shows are missing. Starting with bleeped swearing when it's not a reality show. I love Jenna. I can totally relate to her, and Sadie, is just such a bitch, but I'm glad. It's the way the character should be. "You're welcome" is the line I wait for in every single episode. I just can't wait for it. I love the men in this show, they just do such a great job, don't get me wrong, so do the women. This show is pretty much about a high school girl named Jenna. She receives a note saying some very horrible things, and then everyone thinks she tried to kill herself, which she didn't. She hooked up with the "it boy" Matty, and can't tell anyone about it, since he's the most popular guy in school. This show mixes comedy with drama with seriousness with bleeped swearing.Overall, I give this episode a 7 out of 10.

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