Ancient Aliens
Ancient Aliens
TV-PG | 20 April 2010 (USA)
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    Very best movie i ever watch

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    Awesome Movie

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    After playing with our expectations, this turns out to be a very different sort of film.

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    Arianna Moses

    Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.

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    First, all of the crap these idiots espouse is their opinion and belief, not science. Nothing more. Usually they begin with, Ancient Astronaut Theorist believe, ... If you watch the show as a joke that it is, with that understanding, then it's a comedy. And it should belong on the Comedy Channel. As alternative reality it would belong on the Sci-Fi Channel. What is it doing on the HISTORY CHANNEL? So, The History Channel is passing these Blind Faith fools as experts and their nonsense as facts. It's a lie. We know that the history is written by the victors, that it is not perfect, but this show just makes stuff up.Second, I am no expert in astronomy, but I have read enough generally accepted science to realize that even if a life forms on a planet, chances that intelligent life will evolve, and then to invent communication and interstellar travel to our planet is slim to none. What this show does is pick and choose what science to believe in to support their beliefs. Science does not work that way. One astronomy author regarded acceptable science as intellectually honest, and that pseudoscience, such as these Ancient Astronaut Theorist are not honest. Please consider the life on our planet and the billions and billions of factors that lead to human evolution and our technological development. If even one of those factors were changed or eliminated, we may not be here. For example, if primates never evolved, no humans. If primates evolved and became extinct due to natural catastrophe, no humans. If the earth was just a little bit cooler or warmer at a certain point in its history, no humans. If the continents drifted to different locations, no humans. No humans and we have no conversation.I hate to burst the bubble of all these alien/ufo fanatics. But here we go. Sure there are billions of stars in our galaxy. Sure there are billions of galaxies in the universe. Maybe there are billons of universes. Who the hell knows? So, why can't there be life, intelligent life, communication, or visitation? Well, consider these generally accepted scientific theories:The big bang theory that the universe is around 13 billion years old, and that our sun is around 5 billion years old and has another 5 billion years left. The early universe created stars did not have enough heavy elements to create planets, let alone life. Only after these stars supernova, and formed new 2nd or 3rd generation stars, like our sun did planets have heavy material to form life. So, our sun had the right ingredients, heavy metals. Next you have to eliminate stars in binary systems, systems with more than one star. The planets would be volatile. It took our planet nearly 5 billion years to create intelligent life. Shorter life cycle stars can be eliminated for life. Larger stars will burn out quick and burn their planets. Smaller stars will not provide enough energy. The only example we have of life is our sun. So, as far as we know, a system would have to have to duplicate what our sun has done. If you have such a star, then you must look at the life zone of such a planet. Venus is too close, too hot. Mars is too cold and dry. Earth, so far is perfect. Also, take a look at the outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn. I'm no expert, but do these planets help stabilize the Earth's position in relation to the Sun? So, tons of factors brought us all here to even have this discussion. Imagine if plants did not evolve to give oxygen, no humans. All these elements had to be mixed in at the right time at the right proportions to bring us to this point on earth. These same factors must be duplicated on other planets to form life, intelligent life, technological development enough for interstellar communication, let alone travel to bring us face to face with aliens. Most alien/ufo believers do not consider what I have outlined above. They say look at all the billions and billions of stars. I say you're picking your facts for a pre disposed outcome. Most of those stars are already dark and dead. The distance between the stars are so vast. This isn't sci-fi. Ships don't travel at the speed of light or faster. You can't transport people from here to there with a transporter. Time travel does not exist. Time is a unit of measurement. Like a ruler. Or weight. Can you go back in time? No. Can you go back in ruler?So, History Channel, shame on you for this garbage. You've got some great shows, but this is not one of them.

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    Dalbert Pringle

    OK. My question here is this - In ancient times - When aliens "supposedly" visited Earth - Why-oh-why didn't these beings of superior intelligence have the foresight to teach man anything else except how to build temples, pyramids, and landing co-ordinates? Eh? Why? ...... Ho-hum!.... Anyway - Regardless of "Ancient Aliens" having A+ visuals - If you ask me - This TV series made the damning mistake of trying way too hard to tie everything "unexplainable" in with alien visitation. And, with that - The "so-called" experts here, literally, milked the whole notion of extraterrestrial involvement on Earth completely dry.This business was so prevalent in this presentation that it was downright insulting. I mean, it actually got to the point where I was really surprised that the "experts" here didn't try to tie the whole 1929 Stock Market Crash in with aliens.Yep. It's true. This total farce-of-a-TV-show really did stretch credibility that far (and beyond).

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    If you take this show at face value, they build an argument for their theories that makes sense based on some their historically referenced facts? Did Ancient Astronauts visit earth in the distant past? It certainly sounds possible, that is until you start checking some of their historical references. I found no credible source for one statement, then found nearly every fact they claim from history is a blatant lie or obvious wording device to get around the truth. I'm glad I was skeptical enough to fact check. I shudder to imagine if I had taken my newfound knowledge to a dinner party and quoted anything I learned from the show.I would have been humiliated by my more informed friends and acquaintances, no doubt. History Channel, you should require your shows to adhere to some standard of accuracy as it relates to history, we know aliens may not have been part of it, but at least the past should be a standard narrative from which we can all agree. Instead you're helping to create a legion of Ancient Astronauts Theorists who claim: Yes, we're completely ridiculous!

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    Regarding : Mr. Erich "con" Daniken: Doesn't any reasonable , logical human being have the right to question the "theory's" put forth by a convicted FRAUD? Or is that just an out-dated way of thinking?? Personally , I'm a big fan of the show , but mostly for its presentation of ancient Sites , Structures , and Cultures . But when the Presenters try to take every strange,unexplained thing in History and say "ALIENS"!! that is pure conjectural Nonsense.I would not label a Race that survived the last Ice Age(not to mention Plagues,etc,etc) as "idiots" as EvD has. Also , the disturbing habit a few of the more radical(and irritatingly self-serving)people on there have of stating conjecture and "hypothesis" as FACT. And some of them DO just That. This show throws the whole credibility of the History Channel into question.

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