TV-Y7 | 23 January 1985 (USA)
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    Simple and well acted, it has tension enough to knot the stomach.

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    While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.

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    Allison Davies

    The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.

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    The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

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    30 years after i enjoyed Thundercats i decided it is time for my 6 years old daughter to get to know them :) and i was not mistaken, she loves them. I was considering He Man but when i look at that cartoon today, im sorry to say but it looks strange and funky. Thundercats cartoon stlye on other side looks 10x better, even great for todays TV standards (at least for me). That intro - just pure epicness.I see alot arguing about wich one is better, He Man or Thundercats... for me that question is no brainer really. On show popularity i guess He Man was more popular, but considering marketing behind it - it doesnt suprise me, but popularity doesnt mean it was better. As for characters and theme...i had He Man toys as kid but when you look at characters and their story/abilities i can feel more connected to Thundercats than He Man and his unlimited power...Thundercats story is (for me) more original and definitly more emotional. 2018 - let your kids today see Thundercats - they will learn more about honor, friendship and whats right or wrong than many other cartoons you can see today.

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    Just a quick note for those who haven't caught it already, the Unholy alliance episode is totally missing all the background music. I was doing a little hunting around and everything I've run across talks about replacement discs being available but I haven't found anything yet. If anybody out there has any info on this I'd appreciate it as I'm sure everybody else will, otherwise I'll update this myself if anything comes to light. It seems like too many companies are getting in that rush to deliver these releases and they never bother to spend the time double checking the final product. I've had three individual titles that I've had to send back to Warner Bros. alone just trying to get a product that delivers the way it should. Usual story Quantity over quality."Snarf snarf"

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    I have to admit that i was always in to Transformers and He-man more than Thundercats but it didn't stop me from enjoying it every week after school on TV. Never bought any of the toys but i think it was because i was just slightly too old for it when the toys and TV show came out in the UK. One of the stupid things i noticed in it though was the mutants. They were the most useless bunch of bad guys ever, they always messed everything up from start to finish instead of just messing it up at the end (like most other villains do) and thank god for Mumm-ra who is a pretty decent bad guy. Thundercats is not as preachy as He-man either but it has its similarities with it. A great cartoon which is my 3rd best cartoon show from the 80's. Nice.

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    Another brilliant series to come out of the 80's though it kind of remind me of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe at first, but quickly established itself as something differen'tThe story is basically about a small group of Thunderians, who are Thundercats which is basically their equivilent of a royal family who have ot abandon their homeplanet of Thundera as the planet is destroying itself, led by Jaga the few reminaing Thunderian ships are attack by Mutants form the planet plundarr and are taken out with no trouble by the mutants ship, all except the flagship which they know is carrying the eye of Thundera, which is ebedded in the hilt of the mystic sword of omens.Lion-O is the yound lord of the Thundercats who often receives advice from the ghost of Jaga and is keeper of the sword of omens, he has the look of a Lion like his name.Cheetara is one only 2 females in the show at first, she can run at very fast speeds, but can only keep it up for about two miles, she has the look of a Cheeta hense her namesake.Panthro is the engineer of the group who manages to build anything you can think of out of just about any ammount of scrap he can find, he resembles the look of a Panther.Tygra the scientest who's bolowhip allows him to become invisible giving him an advantage in fights, Tygra also has the ability to trick people's minds (a bit like the jedi mind trick) he resemble a tiger.Wiley Kitt a Thunderkitten who along with her brother Wileykatt is always getting into some kind of trouble.Wiley Katt a thunderkitten like his sister Wiley Kitt and is always getting into trouble.Snarf is Lion-O's trusted companion,keeper and friend, not sure what snarf is supposed to be only he is a feline like Thundercat not like the others who are part humanoids part cats.Bengali was a blacksmith on Thundera before it was destroyed he was almost left on Thundera along with his companions Lynx-O and Pumyra, bengali resemble a Bengal Tiger.Lynx-O lost his sight when flames caused by Thundera's destruction engulfed his eye's, but his other sense where hightend by the loss of his sight, he uses a brail board made by Panthro to hepl him with his duties in the Cats Lair and the Tower of Omens, he resembles a Lynx.Pumyra the third female of the Thundercats, she resembles a Puma.Ssslythe is the leader of the mutants who attacked the Thundercats, Ssslythe wishes only to possess the eye of Thundera, Ssslythe is a lizard type humanoid.Monkien is a monkey type human and a part of the mutants.Jackalman is a jackal typehumanoid, and is also a part of the mutants.Vultureman is a vulture type humanoid, doesn't really like Ssslythe ordering him about most of the time but does obey him.Mumm-Ra is the devil priest of third earth and is everliving as long as evil exists, Mumm-Ra is over a thousand year old and his body is decayed, even though Mumm-Ra's appearance is that of a weak frail old creature his magic is very powerful, Mumm-Ra serves the ancient spirits of evil who do not exist on the same plain of existance as Mumm-Ra does on third earth, but they do communicate with him via the four giant statues in the black pyramid where Mumm-Ra lives, the ancient spirits of evil grant Mumm-Ra the power to transform himself into Mumm-Ra the ever living, a more powerful, more hideous looking and stronger version of his normal self, Mumm-Ra the everliving's power is beyond question, and his voice was one of the most evil and best bad guy voices in cartoon history in my opinion.

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