The Lucy Show
The Lucy Show
| 01 October 1962 (USA)
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    Perry Kate

    Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!

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    Simply A Masterpiece

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    Sarita Rafferty

    There are moments that feel comical, some horrific, and some downright inspiring but the tonal shifts hardly matter as the end results come to a film that's perfect for this time.

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    Jenni Devyn

    Worth seeing just to witness how winsome it is.

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    Five years after I Love Lucy ended, Lucille Ball returned to TV in her second sitcom, titled The Lucy Show. Unlike Lucy Ricardo, she played a widowed mother of a daughter named Chris, played by Candy Moore and a son named Jerry, portrayed by Jimmy Garrett. Also adding to the hysteria was her former I Love Lucy sidekick Vivian Vance, a divorced mother of a son named Sherman, who was played by Ralph Hart. As the show progressed, the kids were no longer seen on the show and Vance left after the third season. Also adding to the mayhem were Gale Gordon as Mr. Mooney and Mary Jane Croft. Ball and Gordon had outstanding chemistry that would last until Here's Lucy went off the air in 1974. Just like I Love Lucy, the show featured the slapstick and physical comedy that made ball one of the funniest female sit=com actresses of all time. I saw Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft and she constantly gives her commanding officer a hard time. It was also a very funny episode. There were also numerous episodes with guest stars, including several with Ann Sothern as The Countess. From the cute animated opening in the first season to the full color episodes in it's sixth and final season, the Lucy show is laugh out loud funny and Ball doesn't miss a beat.

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    I have fond memories of watching that one famous episode where Lucy and Viv get stuck in the shower. Now, I don't know about any of you, but my mom was making dinner in the kitchen the first time I was watching that episode, and she thought I'd gotten hurt and was crying, when in reality, I was laughing my butt off! I know some people will have problems on the last three seasons, in color, and without Viv, but I know for a fact she guest starred later on. Vivian Vance was extremely underrated an should have been given more credit. She also spoke what I believe to be one of the first swear words Ever aired on television. Lucy: You have to admit, I've done some crazy things in life, but at least they were sensible! Viv: Sensible? Honey, sensible my ass! This must not have been scripted, because Lucy turned to the audience, half shocked, half laughing her sensible butt off. Overall, an underrated installment to the Lucille Ball saga.

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    "The Lucy Show" which debuted in 1962 was Lucy's comeback series after her legendary "I Love Lucy" went off the air following her divorce from Desi Arnaz. Many felt that Lucy, by herself could not sustain the momentum from her previous hit, but, with the aid of longtime "Lucy" co-star Vivian Vance, she successfully put forth a different "take" on the Lucy character. While Lucy Ricardo was the very essence of a 1950's character, Lucy Carmichael puts her firmly in the 1960s. She and Viv tackle the problems that single women and mothers faced in the 60s (albeit relatively simple and benign ones). When Vivian Vance tired of doing the show, it took a different direction, transplanting Lucy's character from, Danfied, New York to Los Angeles. There, without Viv or her on-camera children, but still with the impeccable Gale Gordon, she managed to entertain viewers with the help of some high-powered guest stars. "The Lucy Show" would continue through the 1968 season as a ratings winner for CBS. At this time, she sold her beloved Desilu studios to Paramount and ended "The Lucy Show". But there would be six more years of the beloved "Lucy" character in her reconstituted "Here's Lucy".

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    Lucille Ball is the greatest comics of all time. The Lucy Show was a fun, campy show. It was great to see Lucy, Viv, Gale, and Mary Jane all acting together. Fans now have the complete series of I Love Lucy and The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour. I would love to see The Lucy Show released as season sets on DVD. I hope to see complete series releases of The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and Life With Lucy. All of these shows are important parts of Lucy's television history. If you haven't voted yet, please do so at Maybe we will get some good news on a future release!! The more votes, the more fans can show their enthusiasm!! Can you imagine owning all the Lucy shows in your own collection?!?!?

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