The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
| 30 March 1999 (USA)
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    Best movie of this year hands down!

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    Good story, Not enough for a whole film

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    Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.

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    It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional

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    The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn should go down as one of the best late night shows. Craig Kilborn knew how to host a show and keep the conversations interesting. He was not going for the mainstream audience, and that was why he was so perfect. He had his audience pegged from the beginning and that made it so rewarding for them. People who regularly watched the show were treated with many ongoing jokes and segments. Some of the best were "A Moment for Us," "This Just In...," "And Now It's Time For...," and of course "Recreation of a Press Photo." He also had great segments with Gibby and Goldy. Many critics said he was arrogant and cocky. I understand why some may view him that way, but maybe they just never gave him a fair chance. When Craig hosted, his show was the only late night show that I ever watched on a regular basis. Regardless of the guests on a particular night, I knew that Kilby would make it a great show. I feel bad that his show couldn't last, and I only hope that we will see some sort of reincarnation in the future.

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    I love "The late late show with Craig Kilborn" I only found about it not too long ago, but ever since then, I never miss he's show. He always manages to put a huge smile on my face every night and all of his jokes are witty and funny. On the other hand, I hate the Conan O'Brien show, because he always and always makes such a bad joke and it's not even funny.. besides, Craig is far more better looking than Conan and much more enjoyable. Conan's jokes are lame, and boring, and he's intro of the show is too long.. I don't understand why people would choose Conan over funny, witty, and better looking Craig Kilborn.

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    Mister Two

    A few months ago I forced myself to watch Kilborn because a friend of mine had sent in a short video that was going to be used as a bumper when the show went to commercial. Not only did the show renege on showing my friend's short, I didn't laugh once the whole time I was watching the show.It's been several years now since Kilborn jumped from "The Daily Show" to CBS to take over the timeslot that was once held by the venerable Tom Snyder. All in all, Kilborn should have stayed on cable. Now, the only thing keeping the network from cancelling this show is the fact that Kilborn draws about the same ratings as Snyder did, and CBS doesn't want to lose face by firing him. With the aging Letterman's tired irony shtick and "The Late Late Show"'s sorry writing which drags down Kilborn's otherwise incisive and entertaining on-screen personality, it should come as no surprise that NBC can claim the title of "America's Late Night Leader" with its virtuoso trio of Leno, Carson Daly, and especially Conan O'Brien, who, as Kilborn's competitor, will continue to succeed in his part of the network hot clock.People say the same pejorative things about Kilborn now as they said about Conan when he first started, but the difference here is that "Late Night" kept getting better, while the "Late Late Show" goes on stagnating. I wish Craig Kilborn all the best, but this show is need of a new producer and writers; otherwise, when Letterman finally checks out, CBS will be up a creek without the proverbial paddle to resuscitate their faltering late night schedule.

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    M. Tedman

    The Late Late Show has a perfect mixture of style, cleverness and comedy. The writers have conceived material that is freshly original and keenly witty. The show has never-before-seen segments in talk shows, including one in which Kilborn looks at the camera saying something completely out of place... irreverent, yet original and funny, given a special touch to by Kilborn's charm and talent. As time goes by, it improves, which accounts for Kilborn's, the writers' and the entire staff's hard work. They have now created a game for the two interviewees of the night called "Yambo"... come on, just that name is hilarious (it's also fun to say... try it yourself). Furthermore, the quality of the jokes and the manner in which Kilborn tells them has been perfected. Kilborn seems to enjoy himself more and is more assertive than what he was a year ago. Kudos to him and the entire staff.I earnestly recommend this show to anyone that can keep awake after eleven at night... actually, if you cannot keep awake after that hour, drink some coffee and watch it. Kilborn is sure to give you a few laughs (sometimes even those hard to get belly-laughs) before you go to sleep. I dare say that he will one day obtain the same degree of expertise in talk show hosting as Johnny Carson. I am enthusiastically looking forward to that. Great host, great material, great show.

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