| 31 March 1997 (USA)
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    This movie is the proof that the world is becoming a sick and dumb place

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    A Major Disappointment

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    Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

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    A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.

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    there's nothing not to love about telletubbies, the dankess in this program is bound to overload our puny human brains. It has perfect flow and the acting is on point. The tunes would make anyone with a taste in music jam so hard that they wouldn't be able to listen to anything ever again because nothing can beat the Telletubbies. Plus the tubbies have some sick moves! It has the tension and climax of something like Alien followed by the great storytelling that beat films like Back to the Future and Empire which are 2 of the best told stories in all of cinema. The only negative part about this incredible series is like Firefly, it was so good it was cancelled. And there's a gay tubby. Subscribe to Dolan Dark

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    The Teletubbies shows invite the youngest children to the world of reading, counting, singing, dancing, exploring, and so much more. Its educational value is tremendous, adapted to the pace and mind of the youngest children. After having watched a lot of these episodes over and over (yes, I have a couple of Teletubby loving kids) I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the best children programs ever aired on television, everything produced in incredible detail. Just a pity that not all the 365 episodes are available on DVD. Please understand - this series is for the youngest children, and only they will fully enjoy the world of the Teletubbies and learn a lot from it.

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    What the crap is this!? the Teletubbies is possibly the worst show for young children out there. let me verify it, there's no educational value, it has no plot either, and all the Teletubbies ever do is dance around like idiotic freaks, and it's not even that funny at all, it's not cool either. Who would wanna watch this? Not me! Well, i've watched when i was younger and now it's just a total piece of trash and a waste of time. Kids should be watching better educational shows like Cailou, Blues Clues, and maybe Dora the Explorer over this nonsense Ugh!! This show receives a 0/10 for being such an embarrassment to all toddler shows worldwide.

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    "Teletubbies" has to be the worst TV show ever made by mankind. It's so bad that it almost makes "Barney & Friends" look like "Thomas the Tank Engine". And this show has no plot; all it has is four retarded aliens jumping around and saying retarded crap like "Eh-oh" and "Again again". I've seen better plot lines from "Oobi". Oh, and wasn't that purple alien Tinky-Winky accused of being homosexual? I'm surprised this show did not make it on TV Guide's Top 50 Worst TV Shows of all time. Even as a toddler, I hated it. If you want a better show for kids, watch something that actually makes sense like "Sesame Street", "Thomas the Tank Engine", or "Mister Roger's Neighborhood". They are much better than this garbage.

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