Talking Dead
Talking Dead
TV-14 | 16 October 2011 (USA)
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    Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!

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    Undescribable Perfection

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    People are voting emotionally.

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    A Major Disappointment

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    This show gives insightful information on "The Walking Dead" from celebrity guests, which are frequently the actors from "The Walking Dead" show itself. It gives viewers a chance to see how others have interpreted the show, enlighten you on things you may have overlooked and a behind the scene look, that fans just love to see. They also have little quizzes about the nights episode and a tribute to those killed off. I find it fun to watch and I usually come away with informative information about the show, that I didn't have before.

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    The walking Dead has gone into the crapper. Ever since Neagan came on, this show isn't about Zombies anymore. This show doesn't tell us anything worth listening to. Talking about what we just saw is a waste of time. Instead of being praised about the crap they just showed us, the writers should be told to go back to the basics of survival in a world of walking dead. Fighting other humans isn't any different than what we see in the present world. Erase the last 3 seasons & go back to the show that a lot of us liked. A lot of people I know have given up on the Walking Dead & none of them watch this talk show. Chris Hardwick is boring & tells us only what the writers want us to know. Watching this show is a dry as watching any of those useless daytime talk shows. If you have no life & nothing else meaningful to do with your time, than maybe your a zombie. I see Hardwick on a lot of shows & everyone of them is dry & boring. Take this show off & use the money spent on it to make the Walking Dead worth watching. Bring back the old Walking Dead story lines & dump Hardwick.

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    Dave Jannsen

    This show is awful. Chris Hardwick has to be one of the most annoying people on TV. His jokes and nervous demeanor are very annoying.. he's just unfunny. I can't believe he gets paid to sit on a couch and banter on for one hour about absolutely nothing. I like the show a great deal, but this "analysis" is vacuous. "So what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse??" Think of those questions, asked for an hour straight. Another thing: all the actors and Hardwick do is kiss the directors and writers ass for 1 hour instead of actually talking about the show and what could or has happened. It's tiresome. It's just painful to see Hardwick nervously push forward through 1 hour of such a flop of a show.

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    When you have one of your favorite shows that after each episode you need to discuss or get behind the scenes info on what happened in the storyline this is the show for you. The show is hosted by Chris Hardwick and then usually has 2 guests whether if it's cast members, crew or one of the producers in addition to having some of the guests being a celebrity who's just a big fan of the show. I wish that shows like Sons of Anarchy would follow suit with a similar idea. It's especially a good thing when it's an episode when one of the cast members from The Walking Dead let them say good bye to the fans. Granted it has to be on a network like AMC or a similar cable channel that has more air time to kill, not that it would ever happen on network TV but they don't have the time slot freedom that basic cable channels have.

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