TV-14 | 26 October 2015 (USA)
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    Sorry, this movie sucks

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    The film was still a fun one that will make you laugh and have you leaving the theater feeling like you just stole something valuable and got away with it.

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    it is finally so absorbing because it plays like a lyrical road odyssey that’s also a detective story.

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    Robert Joyner

    The plot isn't so bad, but the pace of storytelling is too slow which makes people bored. Certain moments are so obvious and unnecessary for the main plot. I would've fast-forwarded those moments if it was an online streaming. The ending looks like implying a sequel, not sure if this movie will get one

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    Was into Supergirl until the bridal shower. Got political with Liberal lies. What a turn off. Can't believe the cast let this happen.

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    This is the worst damn show on TV. It is so so so so so dumb and stupid. I hate it so much I can't even put it into words. please never watch this show again

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    Keep in mind that the primary target audience is the under 20 viewers. The first few episodes in season 1 were pretty good, but then the political bs started showing up. What should be a fun superhero show turned out to be a blatantly open outlet for politically (in)correct views aimed at a targeted audience of younger viewers. The mixed race relationships (have you read the news lately, they aren't the most successful in real life) could be tolerated, as well as the 'we are women, hear us roar' sexism. But the blatantly open lesbianism has but one goal IMO, to get girls experimenting in lesbianism at an early age.I have watched all 3 seasons thanks to file sharing (no commercials!), so my opinion is based on the entire series and not just the first few episodes. My conclusion: this series should be sanitized with the strongest possible disinfectant, then thrown in a land fill. Total trash.

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    Ham-fisted liberal preaching & emasculating or vilifying every man in every episode. This show is awful. There are plenty of female leads in action tv/movies that don't resort to man-bashing. They also don't devolve into pulpits for liberalism. The Wonder Woman movies are good examples, she kicks ass, never once belittling men. Sara Conner Chronicles is a good example as well, so is Ripley in aliens among many other great female heroes. Supergirl, Jessica Jones, & Agent Carter are just mere propaganda pieces for extreme 3rd wave feminism.

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