Sons of Anarchy
Sons of Anarchy
TV-MA | 03 September 2008 (USA)
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    Waste of time

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    hyped garbage

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    Kaelan Mccaffrey

    Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.

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    An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.

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    I was not interested in watching a drama about bikers. The whole affair smelled of a testosterone soaked soap opera for men. Something for a bunch of weak wannabes to chew on and get off on. I only have it a chance because I read a review of Animal Kingdom that mentioned that that show filled the void that this one left. At that time, that was my vote for the best show of this type. I grew up with outlaw bikers in my family and felt that Hollywood couldn't possibly get it right. The writer of this show must have had some inside knowledge because...with the exception of some of the melodrama like baby Abel being kidnapped and a few other things...the show is very accurate. I know they had to keep coming up with situations to keep the show interesting but much of this really happens. The code...the old ladies...the gunrunning and drug dealing...the name it. I will add that the crooked cops tend to be as violent as the bikers. That is something that the show goofs on. However, I was hooked and binge watched the entire catalog in a couple of days depriving myself of much sleep and social interaction. I couldn't find many places to break.I conclude in saying that I felt like I was watching real life events unfold almost like a documentary. Hunnam, Perlman and Hurst are excellent. It was a hard swallow to realize that Opie was Gerry from Remember The Titans. Wow!Excellent. 20 stars or more!

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    Hold on to your seat boys and girls cause this series will take you on a wild ride. Jax and his boys do everything for the club even if that means taking down a few people along the way, even the ones who rat or try to throw in an "accidental" murder. Now i will say by season 5 all the people that you thought the MC hated come to an alliance and work together against a much bigger threat. You wont be able to stop watching! Warning: WILL BECOME ADDICTIVE!

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    This series is so great, for me at least. I mean I like these kinda shows. I mean (again) these anti-hero based shows are just awesome. The acting is so damn good and plot is so great. There are many different characters and the main one is just "bad-ass". There is a good message in this show and you know, you can just watch it for entertainment, only. I you like a "bad-ass-anti-hero" based show, then this show is legendary.

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    Well, I just discovered this amazing, terrific show. It could have never been made for the big screen. That's the best example, among other TV shows from today, that the TV concept if billions times better than the big screen one. You have plenty of space to develop characters, situations, twists and more twists, and without diminishing the quality of the performances. On the contrary. The actors and actresses performances are awesome, better than in the made for theatre movies. And I don't speak of the aesthetics, violence, nature of the situations that you could NEVER show in a movie theatre. NEVER. Even with a Under 16 degree. That would diminish the entries...Because the audiences are not the same in a theatre and at home. In a theatre, you can't bring your whole family for every film...At home, you don't have this kind of problem. In a movie theatre you pay for an all audiences show, with many spectacular effects. Not always of course, but most of the time. You expect for instance CGI...OK, you got what I meant...Now, let's talk about this show. First, I am not a biker films fan, NOT AT ALL. Hell's Angels, NO SIR !!!But despite this fact, I loved this series because of the story, characters, the symphony between all of them. I even prefer the women's links, than the men's ones. And I usually prefer rough, male topics than females ones. I did not follow anything between Irish, Chinese, and all this complex gang wars. I got lost, honestly. But I was glued with the link between Gemma and Tara, or Wendy and Gemma....One weak point about this series are the gunfights. Not the best ever, not HEAT for sure...The extras hired to play the henchmen are not always convincing. Not always, I don't say NEVER...Even if you don't crave for bikers, you may love this extraordinary show. I swear. But if you are a squeamish person, stay away from it, it could contaminate you. Kathey sagal is outstanding. The best character of the whole show. A real woman.

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