Sesame Street
Sesame Street
TV-Y | 10 November 1969 (USA)
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  • Reviews

    To me, this movie is perfection.

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    Great Film overall

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    Excellent but underrated film

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    By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.

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    Sesame Street is never gonna end it's been on television for years now and i think it's a good show for children at any young age to watch and it was meant to be educational anyway. i Like Cookie monster he always wants some cookies and i like some other characters on the show like Erine & Bert Big Bird & Jim Henson was the creator of all the muppets in the show and and his muppet creation. & i what i really love about sesame street it's fun and educational for little children and teaches them good things and i'm so happy that this the show that was meant for children to be educated! thanks a lot jim henson for this great program and to the creators of the show a special thanks as well. overall i like the show and it's really great for your child to watch and learn tip for parents.Sesame Street gets a 10\10 for excellence! ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Danny Blankenship

    Born in 1978 thru the years I might from time to time would catch reruns of "Sesame Street" on TV or on "PBS" watching mostly for fun to see "Big Bird". And as with time things change as now the series has went to premium cable giant "HBO" and it's still the same old liked and lovable series that's fun, upbeat and entertaining with characters like the well known famous "Big Bird", "Cookie Monster", and "Elmo". Despite the upbeat fun with music and appearances from famous actors and actresses the series still educates with themes of teaching life lessons and morals for the young like getting sleep, brushing teeth, and sharing and it educates with the numbers game and teaches a little bit of history and geography in it's own fun way. Still a classic and legendary fun show.

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    I grew up with the Muppet Show, the Muppet Movies, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and with Sesame Street, so I am a big fan of Jim Henson. I love Sesame Street, it may have meandered over the years but I still love it for the timeless nostalgic value it has given me. Heck, it is way better than Teletubbies, Barney and Tweenies combined, it is unique, it is original, it is funny and it is timeless. I love how it teaches simple messages in simple ways like songs and games. I love how the humour is funny and easy for kids to understand without being juvenile. I love the colourful set designs. I love the music, it is so memorable. I love the characters, Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Luis, Gordon, Susan, Bob and Big Bird. And I love the voices of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Kevin Clash and Carol Spinney. Overall, Sesame Street is timeless, a timeless show if there ever was one. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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    My husband and I bought the Old School Sesame Street DVD's for our daughter and I have to say, I don't let her watch the new episodes on TV, because I find ALL of the characters annoying. Baby Bear AND Telly? OMgosh, How ANNOYING and useless blabber can someone think of for their 'skits'? Elmo? Give it a rest not every kid likes him, once again, annoying and doesn't teach my child ANYTHING. Mr. Noodle? what a reject. I think the one time I turned the 'new' show on for her, she and I were left dumber than before. The show has Definitely taken a wrong turn. I remember the Yip Yips, Kermit's Breaking News, 1-2 2 Little Dolls, Mumford the Magician, Bert and Ernie, Grover the Waiter, all the GREAT EDUCATIONAL skits of OLD SCHOOL S.S. Sesame Street has suffered a direct hit of boredom and dumbness since Jim Henson's passing in 1990. The show no longer has the educational, funny and interactive skits it used to. I find the new versions simply unbearably annoying and full of useless non-educational blabber. Way to go S.S. producers/writers you have yet another cartoony show for the parents to sit there non-creative, non-exercised kids in front of so they'll get out of their hair. Per Producers/Writers : I suggest you whip out the old muppets and start taping similar content to that of the first Sesame Street's. Lord knows I sure don't want my child talking like Baby Bear or Elmo.

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