Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars
TV-14 | 08 June 2010 (USA)
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    Simply Perfect

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    Excellent but underrated film

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    Don't listen to the negative reviews

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    Excellent and certainly provocative... If nothing else, the film is a real conversation starter.

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    I think you have to be a very patient person to watch this Show. I thought at the very end of season 1, they will reveal something interesting, they didn't. I started to watch 2nd season, and I see more twists and turns, but now hints or answers. No more watching, I quit.

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    Though it's easy as a female to identify with many of the simple struggles that these girls faced. The dark and twisty parts, however often entertaining, have the slight tendency to stretch some of the storylines a bit further than they should be. This show was a staple for me for many years, but towards the end it became a bit too hard to follow/understand. Worth the watch, though.

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    This show got me through a lot of stuff. Yes okay, it's about teens, has themes of sex, drugs and horror. But honestly, I was super judgemental at first. My friend recommended I watch it. SO I did I. So happy I did. Amazing actors! Great story writing and acting is flawless! My favourite thing about this show is it's messages of love and acceptance. Look beyond the girls and their problems, they still stick together in the end. Gave me perspective. 100% recommend. Tip: give it a chance! It gets SO good!

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    I am personally offended and disgusted by the ending of this show. How could someone so small minded create seven years worth of content and end it with some bs twisted story. To the people of Pretty Little Liars, I was a fan until twenty minutes ago when I watched that sinful thing you called a finale. You get one star because I used to enjoy your show. But now it makes me sad. If you want to be disappointed watch the finale but if you love yourself please don't. Mona is not A, you are not as smart you think you are.

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