Petticoat Junction
Petticoat Junction
TV-G | 24 September 1963 (USA)
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    Pretty Good

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    How sad is this?

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    An Exercise In Nonsense

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    The tone of this movie is interesting -- the stakes are both dramatic and high, but it's balanced with a lot of fun, tongue and cheek dialogue.

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    Dalbert Pringle

    I cannot believe that this super-dumb TV Sit-Com from the 1960s actually lasted for 7 whole seasons. (But, yep, it sure as hell did!)To begin with, I found Petticoat Junction (PJ, for short) to be nothing more than a stale, one-note joke. And with that in mind, you can be sure that by the time the last few seasons of this show rolled around, that one-note joke must have been, literally, milked, bone-dry.I found PJ's storyline to be so annoyingly simple-minded that it was downright brain-dead as far as entertainment goes.I guess that back in the mid-1960s TV audiences were desperately hearkening back for the good, old days of Huck Finn (or something equally demented as that) for amusement.But, now, watching this dimwitted show 50 years later - Its plot line stinks something awful. And, with that, it absolutely boggles my mind that this TV show was as popular as it apparently was.Believe me, I really did try to give PJ a fair chance. But, time & again, its predictability was just awful and its moments of levity so atrocious that its appeal hung by a single thread (which inevitably snapped under its own stupidity long before its dead-end punch-lines were ever delivered).I still can't figure out why it was so necessary that Kate Bradley have 3 luscious daughters.For one thing, all of these babes were in their 20s and other than one being a blond, one a brunette, and one a redhead, these 3 Barbie dolls (who may have been "eye candy" diversion) had characters that were completely indistinguishable from one another.And their presence in the story didn't in, any way, alleviate the banality of PJ's hum-drum episodes. In fact, it only contributed to this TV show being nothing more than the most trite and irksome one-note joke imaginable.So - If you're looking to waste some time - Whatever you do, don't waste it on the likes of PJ..... You'll surely regret it if you do!

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    "Petticoat Junction" originally aired for seven seasons on CBS-TV from September 24,1963 until the final episode on April 4,1970. Created by Paul Henning,who also served as executive producer of the series,this series produced 222 episodes during the course of it's network run. Out of the 222 episodes,only 57 of those episodes during the first two seasons of "Petticoat Junction" were in classic black-and-white that aired from September 24,1963 until June 15,1965. Out of the entire 222 episodes of this series only 165 of those episodes were in color for Seasons 3 thru 7 that aired from September 21,1965 until April 4,1970. Out of the cast members that were on this series,only actors Edgar Buchanan and Linda Henning were the only cast members that stayed on throughout its entire seven-year run. The show's sponsor for the series entire seven-year tenure was the Proctor & Gamble company (the makers of Tide Detergent, Duncan Hines cake mixes, Joy dish detergent and JIF Peanut Butter)."Petticoat Junction" was one of the great,heart-felt show that was part of CBS' rural line-up of comedies that were right alongside "The Beverly Hillbillies","Green Acres",and "The Andy Griffith Show". Set in the town of Hooterville,this series featured the great Bea Benaderet(who was a regular from "The George Burns/Gracie Allen Show",and not to mention was the voice of Betty Rubble in the animated cartoon "The Flintstones")as Kate Bradley,the widow and the manager of the Shady Rest Hotel,which is located just on the outskirts of the little village of Hooterville. Kate Bradley runs the hotel while taking care of her three lovely daughters,Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Betty Jo...all without much assistance from Uncle Joe(Edgar Buchanan)who in just about every episode was looking for quick rich schemes,while lazing himself away on the hotel's front porch. The show enjoy great success within the Nielsen ratings until the 1968-1969 season when actress Bea Benaderet passed away from lung cancer at the start of the 1968-1969 season,and that was when the show was declining in the ratings. In an effort to save the show,actress June Lockhart was brought in as Benaderet's replacement as Dr. Janet Craig,a physician at the nearby hospital who took over the responsibilities of the Shady Rest Hotel(June Lockhart was no stranger in the land of television shows. She was the mom on "Lassie" from 1957-1964 and was Dr. Maureen Robinson on the science fiction/adventure series "Lost In Space" from 1965-1968. June Lockhart came on board "Petticoat Junction" after her series "Lost In Space" ended production in 1968). By the show's final season which was the 1969-1970 one,the ratings were at the bottom of the Nielsens. In order to save the show,the producers did however do crossover episodes which consisted of characters from both "Petticoat Junction",and "Green Acres",not to mention bringing on the characters from "The Beverly Hillbillies". The episode titled "A Christmas in Hooterville" was that crossover episode that aired in December 12, 1969. Because of low ratings,CBS canceled this series on April 4,1970 after 222 episodes. The precursor of what was to come came within a year after "Petticoat Junction" was canceled with CBS' infamous purge of 1971. The show that replaced "Petticoat Junction" after seven season came on September 19,1970 with "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".The shows that were the victim of CBS' infamous purge that came in 1971. Gone were "Lassie"(17 Seasons), "The Ed Sullivan Show"(23 Seasons), "The Beverly Hillbillies"(9 Seasons), "Hogan's Heroes"(6 Seasons), "Green Acres" (6 seasons), "Family Affair"(5 Seasons),not to mention the town of Mayberry,North Carolina....eight seasons as part of "The Andy Griffith Show",and three seasons as part of "Mayberry R.F.D."(11 Seasons),"The Jim Nabors Variety Hour"(2 Seasons), "Hee Haw"(ran for two seasons on CBS,then in 1971 went into national syndication for the next 20 years),and "The Glen Campbell Show"(2 Seasons)."Petticoat Junction" was a great family heart-felt series that would have stood alongside "The Beverly Hillbillies",and "The Andy Griffith Show" in all-time popularity,if only someone at the powers that be over at Viacom(the distributor of the re-run package of sitcoms),had not done the unthinkable in the early-1970's,decided to exclude the first two seasons from their syndication package which aired from 1963 to 1965. Only the 165 color episodes were re-run in for national syndication that aired from 1965 to 1970. The first two seasons were some of the funniest and most innovative episodes of the series. The show is rarely seen in television these days,but its worth taking a look.

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    My parents were inveterate fans of "The Red Skelton Show" but would go to bed as soon as it was over and let me stay up to watch this. I loved the pretty girls and didn't even mind how they kept changing into different girls over time, as the replacements were always pretty, too. I sure envied the little dog (who later became "Benji") who got to swim with them in the train's water tank in the opening sequence! Lori Saunders was my favorite, and I loved seeing her in the commercial that she did for Fantastik spray cleaner, even. Red Skelton led me to another dream girl, Julie Sommars, later on, when "The Governor & J.J." became what followed him on Tuesday nights after "Petticoat Junction" had moved to Saturday night.

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    I think that Petticoat Junction was one of the finest shows of all times! It was a show that you could watch and just enjoy! I do hope that it will soon be recognized as one of the Great Classic Shows of all time! Some may think of it as "corny" but that was part of the charm of the show. It was good wholesome entertainment and is still remembered fondly by so many. I hope to see it aired again so that a new generation can see it and enjoy it as much as those of us who grew up with it!! Although several actors/actresses have left us, there are still several that are still with us today and they are the most gracious and wonderful people!! The ones that have left us, are still dear to us and alive in our Hearts!

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