Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig
TV-Y | 31 May 2004 (USA)
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    hyped garbage

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    As Good As It Gets

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    If you like to be scared, if you like to laugh, and if you like to learn a thing or two at the movies, this absolutely cannot be missed.

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    Sameer Callahan

    It really made me laugh, but for some moments I was tearing up because I could relate so much.

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    A little pig named Peppa and George have journeys everyday with their family and friends. Peppa Pig is far from being the worst animated series i have ever laid eyes on but it's also far from being a good one either. It's simply mediocre with some fun moments for sure but as pretty much all projects it turns into a product that is everywhere after a little time and that's kind of annoying to say the least? But it's also not as bad as some other cartoons as let's say? Dora the Explorer. If you ever watch it on tv? It's fun but don't expect anything more than that. (6/10)

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    The Super Monteiro Bros.

    So, Peppa Pig, a cartoon I wanted to review for a long time, why? Because this show is the worst cartoon I´ve ever seen! Ok, ok, I´m sorry for that, let´s just talk about why is this show terrible. The Characters: Oh jeez, the characters are just painfull, but let´s go them by group, and what better way to start off with the narrarator, ussualy in a kids show, a narrarator is used to help children understand what´s going on, thus giving an opportunity for them to learn, Peppa´s narrarator just keeps repeating everything that just happened in the show, as if the children watching the show are deaf or just too dumb to get anything that´s going on, now let´s talk about the babies, the babies are easily the worst characters in the show, why? Because they cry for stupid stuff, sure, they´re babies, but, usually in a cartoon, the babies or any other character should cry when something really bad happens to them, that way, we feel sorry for these characters, the babies in Peppa Pig just cry for stupid stuff like ice cream, a kite, a dinossaur, to even a freaking rainbow and it just get´s annoying. The kids are just a bunch of brain-dead rude people that know about things they should´ve known when comparing to their age, also, they just keep calling Daddy Pig fat and keep arguing with each other, but they´re fight is saved somehow because of Daddy Pig saying that they´re just friends and it´s solved, I don´t know if that really makes sense. The adults are really mean and really stupid, for starters, they don´t know how to be responsible towards there children and just keep calling Daddy Pig fat, when really, they´re all fat. Speaking of which, the animation is incredibly lazy, the desings are just copy/pasted for each character, and the backgrounds just consist of MS Paint hills, clouds, grass, and puddles, and the movements aren´t even smooth. The messages are really terrible in this, they just consist of: It´s okay to be rude to your parents because you won´t get in trouble, cry for everything because everyone around you will help you out, steal someone´s car and you don´t get in trouble, is okay to use the hands in soccer, because you´re the goalkeeper, now tell me, aren´t these lessons a horrible influence to your kids. So that´s why I personally consider Peppa Pig the worst cartoon ever, now, if you do like this show then I respect your opinion, but for me, this is the worst show ever.

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    This is one of the few TV shows I actually enjoy watching with my kids(2,5 & 6)! It has none of that hyper flashy fast moving objects coming at you which just makes me tired and not wan't to watch, or even have my kids watch TV. Basically it's just a hearty show of a very typical family that seems to have plenty of time to spend with their kids. Sometimes(most of the times) things don't go as planned. We definitely recognize ourselves in Peppa Pig. My whole family enjoys this show very much! Some of the comments from people giving low ratings was fun to read. Apparently it's not OK to teach kids it's fun to jump in the mud even if you are a pig... Or that it's OK to cry about things for no reason when you are 2 years old( I do agree it's a annoying habit but if you are 2 years old, not much can be done on how one reacts to different things). You should apparently have better manners regardless of age. You're also a slow and stupid child if you have not learnt to count to 10 when you are 5 or wonder about things that you don't grasp yet. Yikes. I wonder if the people writing those comments actually have kids?

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    Amy Mets

    This is a show me and my older sister used to watch only when waiting for something else to come on.It is on netflix now, and I thought when I first saw it there "Oh man, Sebastian should never watch this" he is my almost 2 year old brother.He asked for it one morning and my Mum played it and I was reminded of how terrible it was. I thought it was at least a little enjoyable, since it is so darn popular, but even my brother had to take breaks from it and would start crying. The animation is hard for me to look at, the lines overlapping each other infuriate me, and why does everyone have to be colour coded?All females I have seen wear shades of red, all males I have seen wear shades of blue.Peppa is rude and a narcissist. She clearly doesn't understand when something is awesome sounding, when going to "windy castle" as I think it was called she said something along the lines of "it sounds like some boring boy thing." Shut up child! It sounds awesome! Since when is a castle a Boy thing?On very top of the list of various things I do not like about it, because of watching it my brother started saying "ig" instead of "pig " because of Peppa's brother's weird speech. He was perfectly capable of saying it before. Why can't he pronounce P's? I have like, hundreds of cousins who are younger than me, and they all seemed capable of pronouncing P's.I understand there may be some Kids who cannot pronounce P's, but that doesn't mean you should put it in a show a little toddler will probably watch. It just really pisses me off when things mess with my brother's pronunciation of things.

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