Good Luck Charlie
Good Luck Charlie
TV-G | 04 April 2010 (USA)
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    i must have seen a different film!!

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    A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.

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    Kaydan Christian

    A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.

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    Staci Frederick

    Blistering performances.

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    I absolutely love this show! The humor is good, the characters are memorable and amazing! I never knew I would see a show like this have this kind of potential. It actually FEELS like a reality TV show, everything just feels so real when you watch it. Teddy, PJ, Charlie, an d all the other characters make the show absolutely entertaining to watch. It's seriously unexplainable of what to say about this show, it AMAZES me. It honestly should've lasted longer.Other shows like Liv and Maddie and Best Friends Whenever, they are ATROCIOUS. The ideas are unoriginal, the shows are boring, and it has mostly females in them. But in shows like Good Luck Charlie and Jessie, it gives some males a chance to have a big role in them. It's sad to see most of Disney Channel is just diabolical these days. R.I.P old Disney channel, you will be missed.And overall, I give this show a 9/10. 1 point off for gross stuff, a few bad episodes, and some malapropos-ish episodes.

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    Nicolae Tolontan

    Everything about this TV series seems great. The actors are doing their job just fine. The plot is clean, maybe not at its best, but for sure it is fun to watch. I am not sure, but I liked the character of P.J. Duncan. Maybe I am doing a wrong comparison, but this TV show reminds me of the show ''Married with children'. There is the father with a weird job that sucks and he is not very proud of it (Al Bundy). Sometimes when he comes home he wants to tell a story from work. There is a mother whose cooking skills are not that great (Peggy Bundy). There is the bright and smart daughter, Teddy (Bud Bundy), and the son that is... different, P.J. (Kelly Bundy). And the 'pranking the neighbours' part is on Gabe, who is kind of a combination of both. I am not saying I am right, but this really made its place into the good TV series. Maybe they will have a fifth season, but there are very low chances. I really recommend this show!

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    Morgan Cue

    It's almost over and I can't wait i'm sick of good luck Charlie plus they need to cancel Jessie,Austin and ally,and Dog with a blog and get actors that have major talent not because their pretty Disney needs to know what their viewers and Fans what they want for a TV show if I was running Disney channel I'd cancel the series TODAY! it just needs to go right now heres 5 reasons why I hate good luck Charlie1.) Teddy video cams video diaries WTF is that? and at the end of an ep. it always end with the came catchphrase Good luck Charlie i literally want to throw the TV out the window2.) ever since Charlie learned to talk she has been really Annoying,and irritating the baby isn't cute at all Disney why did you make Mia a Disney star?3.)The plot is trash4.)A lot of people thinks its great but they really don't know whats really good television quality5.)It isn't cute or funnySo far i give it a 3 now go eat your cookie.

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    Joshua Glowzinski

    I Fiosed a movie on Disney a week or so ago and really liked it. Then I saw this movie called Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas. So I decided to try a second Disney movie. It was So cool. It was full of funny stuff that made me laugh as well as think about important stuff and my family. I liked the movie so much that I just got the first volume in HD from iTunes. I miss shows like this. I was born in 85 and I remember so many cool movies and shows. Last night my family and I watched the first episode of Full House. I got the series box set and this show makes me feel the same way that show did. I hope this show goes on for a while. If it ever comes out on DVD or Blu Ray, I will buy it.

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