TV-14 | 26 April 2000 (USA)
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    The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.

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    Anoushka Slater

    While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.

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    The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.

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    It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,

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    It has been a week now since I finished FLCL, and I thought I would write a short reflection on the series' (past) reception and how I struggled to connect with it.Most of the highest rated reviews for this series are from around 2005-2007, and I think at that time FLCL was refreshing for viewers. It combined vivid artistic expression that hinged upon bright colors and urban backdrops with an engaging soundtrack to produce an ambiguous narrative that challenged the mores of Japanese animation at the time. In short then, the series success relied, and still relies, largely upon its visual/audial components. However watching this series now, in 2018, FLCL doesn't manage to pack that unique punch it once did. Instead, it acts as little more than a foreshadowing of what was to come. To be brief but a bit more specific, FLCL does contain a message and has themes/motifs imbued within its characters, their environments, and even in its audio - but the issue is that none of the aforementioned are ever truly developed. The six-episode series is never able to achieve more than being an ephemeral burst of color and sound which careens into an abrupt end. Which, for me, is simply not enough. What makes a series successful and allows its viewership to revisit it again and again is its depth. To that end, I would recommend that those who appreciate Japanese animation and its rich visual tradition to watch this. However, I would do so with realistic expectations.

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    Ian Gear (psychogoatee)

    FLCL is so worth a watch, if you're at all interested you'd be doing yourself a favor to check it out. It's got feels, it's got heart, it's got a moving and rockin' score by band The Pillows. It's not about some kind of weirdness value like you're maybe thinking, it's a unique work of art that just might click with you.FLCL is a coming of age story that immerses us in the topsy turvy world of a teenage lad. And does it better than most movies or shows I've seen trying to tackle it, at least for me. It tackles that awkwardness and sadness with a sense of fun and adventure, among many other great things about FLCL.One of my favorites, and really just thinking about it is moving to me, I think FLCL will stand the test of time very well.

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    For 3 hours, this shonen totally turned me into a teenager again. Mixing music, chicks, aliens and robots, FLCL tells a nonsense tale that makes more sense that you can imagine (does it?). Instead of what is expected from a coming of age anime, it's not an ecchi experience. Although it has some perverted moments, those are more for nonsense than for ecchi. With an amazing art and a lot of humor, the style of the show dances around the episodes perfectly setting the mood for the moments they are describing. And speaking of change of styles... they make some amazing references that are completely unexpected (when you see it, you will know it)! If you were (or still are) an indie nerd with a huge crush on riot grrrls while growing up, this is definitely your jam.

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    FLCL has got to be the most deranged, absurd and fun anime I've ever seen. The basic story: Naota, a twelve year old boy, is living a quiet life in a small town. Then out of nowhere, a girl riding a vespa crashes into him, resulting in an alarming lump on his forehead. Then, strange things start happening (I guess most people would find this premise strange as well...).Running at just six episodes, the series has got a focused storyline, never becoming slow or repetitive. It's drenched in humour, with animation that fits. Visually, it's nothing short of a stunning experience. It even manages to parody South Park. The characters are engaging, all having their own crazy agendas and personas. This is Evangelion on speed, run through the mind of Terry Gilliam, filled with allusions to other anime and frequently breaking the forth wall.All in all, this is probably the most apt way of portraying modern youth culture. Oh, and it has a wonderful punkish soundtrack by Japanese band Pillows. In the end, Fooly Coolly is all about growing up.

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