Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island
TV-G | 28 January 1978 (USA)
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    Best movie of this year hands down!

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    Memorable, crazy movie

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    Excellent, Without a doubt!!

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    Robert Joyner

    The plot isn't so bad, but the pace of storytelling is too slow which makes people bored. Certain moments are so obvious and unnecessary for the main plot. I would've fast-forwarded those moments if it was an online streaming. The ending looks like implying a sequel, not sure if this movie will get one

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    OK, if you would judge the movie to now a days it wouldn't fit in to well.If you watched FI now the stage and everything was pretty cheese ( I agree)But weren't all the movies in the 80's like that(Gilligan,Wonderwoman,aso).But too the people born in the early to mid 70's or earlier it has a cult status. Evertime the plane was on approach Tattoo would run up the tower ring the bell and with his accent would yell "Da Plane BOSS Da Plane" and you would wonder what everybody's wish would be.People who are born in the mid 80's or later wouldn't understand the hippe because if you watched it now.It don't have a Harry Potter,Jurassic Park Computer animation FX.It was just a stage where you probably could even almost see the wire attached to a guy who's wish was too be able to fly.But to us during that time it was a FANTASY ISLAND.

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    What a nightmare that was! Because stereoscopic television transmits two images that correlate to the desired "3-D" effect. It makes some shots too coded for non-glass wearing public to interpret. Someone at ABC mentioned... if that violated the FCC charter on "public" airwaves. Could we charge for the glasses on a public media... Would TV Guide carry them. And at what cost... Who sues for eye problem that suddenly developed... Syndication... Outside Editors are paid in lieu of or concurrent with home editors... 3-D has few reaction shot so would a flat viewing during reruns look weird. Were TV sets capable of such tuning -- off colors would cancel out the "filter" "doped eye" requirement.

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    Here's a great example of a "cult" TV show.When I was a teenager in the late 1970's, I wouldn't go out(much to the annoyance of my then girlfriend) 'till both Fantasy Island and The Love Boat were over on Saturday nights. Now, living in the Central Time zone, where prime time started at 7pm, as opposed to 8pm on the East, you still had plenty of time to do things, and be home before the parents got mad. ++SPOILERS++Probably the best example of "escapist television" ever made. You didn't have to be an Einstein to follow the paper thin plots. The basic premise was that the mysterious Mr. Roark would grant guests to his island any wish that they wanted. Fame, fortune, love, whatever. However, according to his trusty helper, Tatoo, one could only visit the Island, only once.The guests were pretty, the scenery was gorgeous, and you usually felt happy when the show ended.Paired with "The Love Boat" this was a ratings winning pair for the ABC television network. After it was cancelled, it was replaced by a sort of similar feeling show, "Finders of Lost Loves", that lasted just one season.As of July 2003, "FI" was running on TVLand.

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    Walter Frith

    'Fantasy Island' was a show that remained an enigma as far as its main character was concerned. Ricardo Montalban's Mr. Roarke was a well dressed mystery man who, for a price, could make your fantasy come true on his tropical island and every week, a new group of characters would come to the island and a few different stories would evolve. As quality television, it didn't get a lot of respect from its peers but it was one of those cult like shows that had a following that seemed to die off quickly which explains why its almost impossible to find it anywhere in syndication. I enjoyed it mildly but it was by no means classic television.

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