TV-PG | 16 October 1972 (USA)
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    Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!

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    Surprisingly incoherent and boring

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    Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.

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    Janae Milner

    Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.

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    I used to watch Emmerdale Farm between shifts at the Charlie Chester Casino in Archer Street and loved it. That would be November 1976 and it starred a Scottish lad who used to be in Dr Who. My point is, anyone who watches it now, with Patrick Mower, has to read "Central Casting" by Jimmy McTee (http://stores.lulu.com/aroundthepeak), in which there is a Patrick Mower look-alike competition in Sri Lanka and he is given a chance to explain why he didn't become James Bond... Apparently he nearly made it, but lost out to Roger Moore for reasons not entirely satisfactory. But then in his CV he has Callan, which makes him a star straight away. Target I am not so sure about...

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    Andy B

    Professor Stahlman's comment on here is inaccurate. True, Emmerdale Farm became Emmerdale in November 1989, but Phil Redmond's time on the soap was in the early 1990s, and the plane crash storyline took place in December 1993 and January 1994.For the first few years after 1989, the renamed show was pretty much as it had always been, but with an increased youth content and a gradual reducing of story lines revolving around Emmerdale Farm itself.1993 was the pivotal year in bringing about the show as we know it today - with Emmerdale farm house collapsing due to subsidence and the plane crash.Personally, I think modern day Emmerdale is nothing like Emmerdale Farm or the early years of Emmerdale (pre-plane crash).I would love ITV to repeat old episodes, particularly those showing the introduction of Al Dixon as Walter in 1980, Richard Thorp as Alan Turner in 1982, Tony Pitts as Archie Brooks in 1983 and Diana Davies as Mrs Bates (1984).ITV should show lots and lots of old Emmerdale Farm episodes in my opinion.

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    I like Emmerdale. Since I live in America, it is hard for me to get shows like East Enders, COronation Street, Emmerdale and other British soaps. Emmerdale has been around as long I have been alive. I have watched it a couple times. But I am an avid American soap watcher, the main difference between British and American soaps is that British soaps look more realistic with people that look like they are your neighbors. The show could use better writing but I can't say much more since I only watched a few episodes. When you go to England, you should watch Emmerdale, East Enders, and Coronation Street which are the main soaps known to me. Emmerdale is set in Northern England around Leeds. The cast especially the Tates and Patsy Kensit playing a vixen is worth watching. The soaps are only 25 minutes. Unlike American soaps, where are actors and actresses looked like they were plucked from modeling catalogs. British actors and actresses look the role. In fact, Sir Ian McKellen appeared in Coronation Street for 10 episodes last year by his choice. Emmerdale is worth watching along with Corrie and East Enders. My big problem with the shows is the lack of attention to the veteran actors and actresses who have been on for years. Except for Patsy Kensit, I wasn't sure about the others in the show but it's worth watching anyway.

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    Made in the largest studios of Britain, Emmerdale is a soap combining the daily lives of colourful characters of all varieties. Now called Emmerdale, the soap has shed its image of a boring drama set on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. From the vindictive and orally vicious Viv in the shop to the friendly and funny Bernice in the Woolpack, Emmerdale's bar, you'll become addicted and transfixed on the superb acting and memorable storylines.

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