Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Captain Planet and the Planeteers
TV-G | 15 September 1990 (USA)

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    Memorable, crazy movie

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    This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.

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    Kien Navarro

    Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.

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    A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.

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    For me, it was the first lesson for environement protection. dynamic, cool, noble in its intentions and good tool for young public to discover the significance of ecology in contemporary society. after good years , I discovered the new - pagan/ New Age references.but the first good impression was the same. because it is not the best animation serie, the drawings and the plot are naive, but important is the basic idea. a children team, a mentor, an ally and few villains. victories as result of collaboration. and the music, after decades, so, so familiar. sure, it is the serie of a period. reflecting it.

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    Heart? Earth, Wind, Fire...those all make sense and then...Heart? Even at 10 I had a huge problem with Heart. And as kids we had a LOT of discussions as to how Heart fit into the group.So anyways, this was made when preserving the environment was something that both liberals and conservatives agreed with..Now, if it were made today the people that poison the drinking water and make acid rain would be the heroes and the Planeteers and their Captain would be communists trying to fool all of you into the vast sweeping liberal conspiracy that clean drinking water is good for you and your family.Remember kids, the Republicans are in always pollute all the time for your health.Only communists care about birth defects.Remember this is also when the NRA supported guns for hunters who hunted animals and not for racists that wanted to shoot unarmed minorities in Florida.So I guess a lot has changed.

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    I was quite young when I watched this show (I was only 4-5 when I watched it), but I remember it quite well as I remember other shows of the era. I believe this show had a great message, and anyone who tries to say that this show had an "agenda" needs to stop obsessing over politics for once. It was a charming show that had a lot of morals to teach kids. The animation quality was...not so good, especially now that I watch it again on YouTube... But I didn't notice it at the time and I just enjoyed watching the adventures the Planeteers went on. Comparing the shows nowadays to this? Well there's no competition. The shows nowadays WISH they had the charm of this show and all the other shows during the 80s and 90s. Ninja Turtles, this show, Garfield and Friends, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, etc. are all shows that put the shows from this generation to shame. I'm so grateful I'm not a kid of this generation.

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    Some might call it child propaganda. I call it child genius. How is recycling and helping our environment not at all a good thing? Even if one doesn't believe in climate change, then they should still care about other animals (besides humans) sharing this Earth with us. It just seems to be inherently humane.I remember as a little kid I had ALL of the Captain Planet action figures: Kwane, from Africa, possesses the power of Earth; Wheeler, from North America, controls the power of fire; Linka, from the Soviet Union, has the power of wind; Gi, hailing from China, controls the power of water; and Ma-Ti, from the Amazon in Brazil, utilizes the power of Heart to create a sense of passion and care for the planet. I also had actually rings for each character. And, obviously.. "Let our powers combine," I had the Captain Planet action figure. "Go Planet!"Network: TBSOriginal Air Years: 1990-1996As cheesy as this show was, it had a great underlying message of peace and happiness for our planet. It gave kids hope for the future. Not only did it encourage them to recycle and maintain a healthy planet, but it showed that individuals from all over the world could come together and conquer evil doers. Perhaps a superficial superhero would appear too.The story is quite simple. Gaia, the spirit of Earth, has awakened from a long slumber by human activity threatening the ecosystems. She realizes the planet needs help and sends five magic rings, each with a specific elemental power (described above after each characters' name). They will encounter foes like that of Sly Sludge, Looten Plunder, and Hoggish Greedly.It's equally worthy to duly note that the Captain Planet Foundation still exists to this day (what Captain Planet would tell kids to visit at the end of each show). Check it out at, note that in late 2007, Ted Turner was in talks of a movie. In early 2008 Warner Bros. denied said movie. On July 19, 2011, the announcement was made that Cartoon Network and producers of the Transformers films are developing a live-action film based on the series. Should be interesting. And, not a bad idea given the success of Transformers and the new Smurf film. Also, those pitiful Alvin and the Chipmunks movies made some cash.Say what you will about Captain Planet, it will still always be a favorite show of mine; if not for the cheesy animation, sounds, and story-lines, then just purely from the message itself.

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